How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online.

In the wake of the global spying exposes (as though these are something very new :o ), I thought the following interesting (also nothing that new):

Abby Martin, an activist within the US, has a show on RT (Russia Today) television news channel, and it is via this medium she is able to undertake her particular form of investigative to levels not normally seen via the mainstream media groups (no matter from whence they may be based). This woman is not one to be afraid of speaking her ‘Truth’, particularly as it relates to the NWO and its nefarious and multi-tentacled machinations.

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Here's the deal

We’ve posted this on our Facebook page when it first came out.

Now here’s a video that explains it in detail.

We’ve been victims of this going back as far as 1997 when a police agent hired to sabotage the Critical Mass bicycle ride in San Francisco launched a smear campaign against me for exposing the elaborate plot and her role in it.

I sued her and won a $5,000 judgement which was overturned by a corrupt San Francisco judge who literally dozed off during the trial.

We also reported about this when the US Army Corps of Engineers got on the web after the federal levee failures in 2005 that killed over 1,000 people, rendered over 100,000 homeless and caused $100 billion in financial losses.

Corps computers were used to post insulting, racist and inflammatory remarks and disrupt any forum - anywhere in the word - where people were asking about the Corps role in the catastrophe. owned by the New Orleans Picayune has all the data on the posts to its site and not only will not release it but fired the employee who collected the data and was about to turn it over to investigators.

If the opponent has all the door keys then a way must be found to not use the doors.
I don’t mean to be flippant. I don’t know how to make a different kind of door.
But someone might find a way.

If the opponent has all the door keys then a way must be found to not use the doors.
The 'opponent' has all the keys to their doors. However, their doors are both limited and uninspiring. By participating in this forum, other doors will eventually become discernible, and should you wish to have a look through these doors, they are there, ready and waiting.

The best way to not use their doors is to make a conscious choice not to do so. By doing this, you empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own actions and your own destiny. By starting off with this, you are well on your way to becoming master of your own life.

I don't know how to make a different kind of door.
You really don't have to make different kinds of doors as there are plenty "out there" you can choose to walk through or to have a look at. However, I believe the best way, should you want to do so, to making your own doors is start off really simply by assessing what it is you want and not fall into the trap of becoming the sort of person "others" want you to be - these others include friends, family, community groups, etc. For the most part, these people truly believe they have your best interests at heart...
But someone might find a way.
As mentioned above, there are those who have already done so. However, that is not to say that every possibility has been exhausted - not by a long shot.
I think one of the problems with this sort of information dissemination is the fear that it can readily cause in people. You add this sort of fear on top of every other type 'out there' then we begin to partake of a downward spiral of sorts. There are reasons why this is being encouraged (it is not a natural phenomena at all), and if people want, I can go into this at length elsewhere. However, as far as this thread is concerned, the fear that is generated can readily be neutralised by realising this fear is purposely being generated by those with an agenda. The thing here is that we all have opportunities to choose to either play a part in this fear-mongering, or choose to do otherwise.