How to Insert Photos and Videos in Posts

For anyone looking to add photos and videos to their posts, here are a few simple steps. (All embedded images and videos must use a hyperlink/weblink from another website. Uploading directly to the forums is prohibited due to storage limitations. If you wish to upload personal images or videos, create a photo sharing account such as Instagram or Photobucket. Make sure your images/video can be shared publicly, and follow the same directions below.)


  1. Find the image you wish to embed from another website.

  2. On windows machines, ‘right-click’ the image, and a list will appear.

  3. Left click ‘Copy Image Location’.

  4. In the forum post box, right click, see the list, and left click ‘Paste’. You have just added the image’s hyperlink to your post.

  5. Highlight the hyperlink using your cursor.

  6. Above the emoticons (funny faces) above the post box, directly to the right of the ‘Insert Embed’ button is the Insert Image button. Click that button while the image hyperlink is highlighted.

  7. Preview your post to see if the image was inserted correctly, and post.

Videos (For Youtube):

  1. Go to the Youtube video you wish to add.

  2. Right click the video, a list appears, and left click ‘Get video URL’.

  3. Right click the hyperlink URL that appears, and ‘Copy’.

  4. Paste link to forum post box.

  5. The first letters of the URL are ‘https’. Delete the ‘s’ letter.

  6. Highlight the pasted hyperlink.

  7. Click the ‘Insert Embed’ button above the emoticons.

  8. Preview your post to see if the video was added, and post.