How We Got Here

"There were some who struggled harder, were more disciplined; because their forefathers had crossed the great dark void, their desires were turned Godward and they were called The Children of God".

???Great dark void?

forefathers had an out of body experience?

Migration occurs by different means, and for different causes, through time and space.

One does not require a spaceship to cross the void.
A bit new agey but interesting

“A race of men came out of the cold northlands. They were under a wise father and above them was The Grand Company which later withdrew in disgust. This race was The Children of God; they knew Truth and lived in the midst of peace and plenty.”

I used to think that that passage of creations was referring to some sort of geographic migration.

This particular passage DOES refer to a geographic migration.

“The Grand Company” and the “great dark void” is a different story, however…

FYI, I don't necessarily advocate positions that I post but my hope is they stimulate thought and discussion.

To me, its blatantly obvious now, we never “got” here from anywhere. We were created on earth, this is our physical home. We were created, by DNA manipulation, by the Ancient Anunnaki, who did indeed “got” here, from there home planet, Nibiru. Other “humans”, have been created also, by the same method, by other advanced “alien” beings also, thus we have the many races and languages of Earthlings.
Simple as that !

Who created the Ancient Anunnaki?

They evolved, as they say in the Book of Enki.
Maybe they had a little DNA engineering help themselves ?
They say their is a “Father of all life”. so G-d as such, is a concept they know.
I hope in our lifetime, they return for more gold, then we can ask them !