Humanity WILL Learn

We can learn the easy way or the hard way… BUT WE WILL LEARN. That, I can promise.

Yeah most certainly the hard way, as usual...
"Rethink a few things" I mean as to what we've been led to believe may not be how things really went down.

Perhaps Manuel… but I’d like to think the ultimate purpose of the Kolbrin in the end, and this Group by extension, is to try to nudge mankind towards the easy way. :wink:

We’ll see if this effort is in vain, but I for one ain’t gonna quit till the curtains come down.

"the easy way" seems difficult from the outside, but those who choose the lessor paths find that the toll is greater.
Well we're too few and we hold views that are too unpopular. I am afraid we won't affect much, yet it's good you keep a faith in the cause.

What other choice is there? If we help no one else, at least we help ourselves… and

One conscious person can move mountains… while an unconscious one can’t even move himself… so much for numbers. :wink:

Don't underestimate the power of the blind masses ;)

“Like lambs to the slaughter” I believe is the saying…

yeah but they carry you along with them

They can… that is up to you…

But who do you think it was that reseeded civilization after the Great Destructions? :wink:

Yeah but that's the point, as long as you are participating in the society of these lambs going to slaughter, you will end up suffering the same fate. The key is getting away and making something good for yourself in a community of likeminded people. Unfortunately it's everyday harder to escape the clutches of the global control system

Using this system… I am in real time, discussing, planning, and growing with a community of people in Spain, California, Pennsylvania, and New Zealand… is that the kind of thing you mean? :wink:

Well I wasn't referring to the internet, I mean governments, regulations, taxes, permits, getting the land, getting the money. It's not particularly easy to go off grid nowadays in such a way as to successfully escape the downwards inertia that a global meltdown could produce.
well my mantra is trying to simplify and also help others, along the way being of service to others - is good for all. Even in these uncertain times perhaps BECAUSE OF them!

The internet is the epitome of the “system”, basically created by DARPA, an arm of the American military. Everything in this system, like the internet, is only a tool. How we choose to utilize it is what counts. Time to start thinking outside the box and make the transformation from within…

…within our selves…and then our communities around us.

Yes I agree. Some people are already making preparations for the impending global conflict that WILL take place. I unfortunately do not have the means to start any such large endeavor, so probably I will end up swallowed by the downward spiral.

Damn Manuel… You always underestimate your own power. If you would only just recognize the tools I know you had, both inside and outside…by this time tomorrow you’d be flying!

LOL I think you overestimate and I estimate accurately :P
John 15:19--If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.