Introduction to the Culdian Healing Sanctuary

Hello to whoever is reading this - my name is Andre’a and I have been a member of the Culdian Trust for 28 years. I have a passion for higher Spirituality, Metaphysical Healing and working alongside our space brothers and sisters. My destiny has led me to specialise in Metaphysical Healing and I have been a member of the Culdian Healing Sanctuary for 26 years. It is planned that the Healing Courses will go online soon for those of you who have an interest in this field and I look forward to connecting with you via the website.

Nice to have you onboard, Andrea ;D


Please Andrea, can you explain to me exactly what metaphysical healing is ?
Excuse my ignorance, please, I’m new to all this.
Love and light to you Andrea.

Hello Enkisfreind - thank you for your question. There no such thing as a silly question so please feel free to ask anything and I will endeavour to respond.

Metaphysical Healing was previously known as “Spiritual Healing”. Briefly the term implies that mentally, emotionally, spiritually and or physically sick persons may be,and are, healed by Metaphysical or Spiritual energy which can be channelled to them through Healers. It is distinct from hypnotism, mesmerism, faith cures, mind cures and any other kinds of related healing, although very effective and people respond well to these forms/types of healing, must not be confused with Metaphysical Healing. With Metaphysical healing it is not the Healer who actually heals but a form of energy which operates through him or her.

Metaphysical Healing is effected in various ways:

  • By the Overshadowing Spirit Entities working through a Healer or Healing Circle and thus infusing stimulating, curative and vitalising fluids and energy into the dis-eased parts of the patients body. Fluid in this instance means metaphysical substance.
  • By the balanced energy within the Healer’s body, or within the circle, bringing about a state of balance within the patients body so that his or her whole being is brought into a state of harmonious balance. A vibrational or frequency transfer of vitalising energy from either the Healer or Healing Circle to the patient will often effect a cure by replacing the negative elements.
  • By the Overshadowing Healing Entities illuminating the subconscious mind of the Healer, thereby intensifying the perceptions of the Healer so that the cause, nature and seat of the dis-ease in the patient becomes known to the Healer/s
    -Through absent treatments - example Telepathic Healing. Here the Healing Entities combine their own healing energies with the latent vitalising energies of either the healing Circle or the Healer which is awakened by the meditation being performed.

The Culdian Healing Sanctuary:
When a state of dis-ease is manifest it is a indication that the body is out of balance. Healing can rectify that imbalance by the introduction into the body of healing energies. The Culdian form of healing differs from other forms of healing in that it is not dependant upon one Healer alone. Where possible Culdian healing is the result of a co-operative effort. It is based on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All contribute to something far greater than themselves. The Culdian Healing Sanctuary aims to deal with the causes of dis-ease, not the effects.

I hope this answers your question ?

I can think of no-one better to ask.

I will absolutely take your word for that brother Lance.
Seems to me, you Culdians are a real family.
And that is something we all need.
May the love, light, and blessings of the Supreme Spirit be yours brother Lance.

Thank you. And may the same be with you.

Lovely to hear from you again – well you have asked a few more questions so if you wouldn’t mind I will break these down.

  1. You mention that both you and your mother were healers
  • This gift that you possess is a wonderful gift and is obviously inherent. Can I ask if you are using your gift to heal ?
  1. You have asked how does one gets this healing for oneself or for a loved one.
  • This is totally dependent on where you live – area / country, what healers or healing circles are available in your area / country and what you are wanting to achieve. There may be healers in your area that are highly skilled in their field and be able to assist. Are you specifically requesting a healing from the Culdian Healing Sanctuary? If so then that is dependent on where you live – although as an alternative I can offer you Telepathic Healing.
  1. Can Melanie be healed?
    I am responding to your question with the assumption that Melanie is totally aware that she is the topic of our dialogue?
  • Well that is dependent on so many variables. For illness to manifest it starts in the Metaphysical body and then filters down into the physical body. You say Melanie was diagnosed with bi-polar as a result of a traumatic event and has previously taken medication in the past. It is possible that a predisposition may have already existed and the traumatic event has triggered a reaction (bi-polar). Another point to consider is the relationship between the illness/dis-ease and, if any, Karmic consequences.

It has widely been accepted in some areas of the medical profession that Grief, Loss, Trauma and Stress are key factors in relation to illness. Any form of trauma has the potential to cripple people emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and has the potential to have some long lasting and devastating effects. It is dependent on the severity of the stressor (the event/threat), how one reacts to that event and what coping mechanisms / strategies they have. What Melanie has experienced is huge trauma.

Then there is Genetics – As we all know some dis-eases are passed down from family member to family member for example haemophilia.

Taking this one step further: from a Metaphysical point of view every illness or dis-ease has its origins in some disharmony or imbalance. Illness is generally not caused by external causes, bad luck, chance or an invading infection but rather through choices, a decision, nearly always subconscious, to become ill. Whilst many may not agree, illness defends us from aspects of ourselves. Illness is often an escape mechanism. Now the remarkable concept to think about is: If we have the power to create an illness then we have the power to cure it – thus taking control over our fate.

As I said there are so many different variables and it is largely dependent on the individual.

Shalom sister Andrea,
Well, thanks again for taking time to answer my questions…
No, I am not healing anybody, or any animal, I seem to have some kind of block, as I do with seeing aura’s and communicating with spirits as I did with my mother as a child.
When I had my born again Christian experience many years ago, I was convinced that these gifts were “of the devil”, and renounced them, and asked G-d to take them away.
I’m not sure if He did or not, but since then they have ceased to operate, a lot of my personal joy seemed to disappear too at the same time. My poor Mother had the same experience.
I know now that these abilities were natural, but I’m not sure how to re activate them, or even if I should. My spiritual "ears and eyes now seem to operate on a more "prophetic " level, as this also ran in my family(Jewish side naturally), but I’m not really doing anything with that either, except maybe to find my own way, as the Sopreme Spirit, blessed be He, allows.
Mel and I need to become part of a community somewhere, when this “wilderness” experience of ours is over,so we can both give, and receive, from, and too, ourselves and others, and maybe be of some use for the common good.
My Son Ari is already asking many spiritual questions, and he is only five !
I suppose I am asking about healing, not only for Mel, who didn’t know I was asking, I am desperate to help her, and I apologise from my heart if I have wronged you, or her, by asking you on her behalf, but I am her husband, I love her, and had the best intentions I assure you.
I intuitively trust you, and the Culdians, don’t ask me why, but I do, and so I felt quite safe in asking you, I forgot that anybody can see this.Having said that, I think that really, I know that the Culdians are on, if not “the” true path, then it is as true as I’m going to find, wich is why I feel eventually I will join, and with my family also, the Cudians, if they’ll have us.
Yes, not only for Mel, but for myself also I was asking, maybe there is a way I, or somebody else, can unblock, or reactivate, those spiritual tools with which I was born. I also have a deep anger, that surfaces sometimes, maybe due to a past ancident and my feeling wronged by it, as I was blinded by an accident in hospital when I was born, though I can see now, I was blind till I was 3 1/2, , and my eyes have never been great, though I have never let them hold me back. I’m not sure if that is where the “rage” comes from, but it’s a good guess.
I don’t expect my eyes to be healed, but I sure would like those channels unblocked, so I can operate at my full potential, as a servant of the Supreme Spirit.
I know this is a lot to take in, but its been a very long time since I have had anybody to share anything like this with, guess I’m a bit needful, to my shame.
I will show Mel what I have asked, you, or if you think best you can delete it.
Love and light to you Andrea,

Hello Andre’a, I have a interest in the Healing field, and the process in how it works and related aspects. And would like to learn more.

I wonder if i can get your thoughts on a particular kolbrin passage that has been of interest to me for awhile, which is related to the healing field, would be much appreciated - Heremaia

The Scroll of Harmotif

The physician must know the courses of the Watchers. He must know their times and their comings and goings. He must know the secret of the Lord of Forms and the way of the Guide of Souls. He must know who are the owners of Forms and who are the Formless One.

He must know their abode. He must know the road and the four ways of entry. He must know the nature of the double power. He must be a master at drawing forth the spirit. He must know the outside man, the things which flow over it. He must know the inside man, the substance which fills it. He must know the heart, the muscles that move out from it, controlling every action of the body.

These are words to fill the ears of the physician. These things are written on his heart. The physician sits n a throne of silence. The physician absorbs the pains of the sick through his ears. If any man opens the door of his heart to the physician, the tongue has no knowledge of what the ears have heard. The inmost room is open to the silent man. The heart of the physician is not puffed up because of his knowledge. He talks with the simple man as though he were wise. The words of the physician are as healing herbs. The physician bears himself so that when the eyes of the sick fall upon him they are half cured. The eyes of the physician see through the flesh. When he sat before his master he learned to bear patiently the chastisement for his own failings, now he can justly reprove another for his. The tongue of the physician is dipped in honey, not in guile. Where Truth adds to suffering without benefit, then he may veil it, but never will he do so without purpose or care.


Don’t you just love that wisdom… so well written , Hello Ra :slight_smile:

I sure do, well written indeed Laraine and kia ora

There is a strong link between wisdom and healing, just need to look at the healing symbol of the serpent and staff/rod, which reminds me of Moses, how he made the people get bitten by the serpent(wisdom) to be healed, wisdom can be a bitter pill to take. It is like a bright light that out shines others, sometimes the eyes need to adjust cause of the brightness.

The story of Moses striking the rock with his rod/staff to make water flow from it also comes to mind, symbolic of staff of authority striking the law(rock), to produce pure water(wisdom?) a nourishing source of life for in the wilderness?

Numbers 21:8
And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.

John 3:14
And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:

Interesting connection.

The physician must know the courses of the Watchers. He must know their times and their comings and goings

what also interest me is the attributes a physician needs, one it appears they need a intermate knowledge of the cosmos and heavenly bodies, this brings me to the subject of the moon and other astro objects a topic of interest for me, and the effects it has on our bodies and also mind and spirit.

The words of the physician are as healing herbs

is this just the manifestation of spirit, or should i say the application of spirit, dependence within the ego or frequency of words, to one counter the physical mind of the one being healed/listening, yet effect the sub-conscious, message delivered by spirit, thus producing a balancing effect, causing healing?

It is interesting isn’t it. I see the lines of the watchers and the physician needed to know the secret of the Lord of Forms and the way of the Guide of Souls etc. as yes the zodiac and its meaning and when the soul needing to be healed entered into incarnations and their soulpath and purpose, often the diseases are kharmic and the deep listening in silence reveals so much, knowing the body and the outside and inside of the man puts many different ways of healing at the physicians disposal. So much is mental is it not. Not so sure about the branding stripes, though… cheers laraine

For sure Laraine and agree, healthy mind, healthy body, attitude, perceptive, thought processors plays a big way in how we process and view information, they say space is the last frontier, i say its the mind and ourself, we are no where near our potential, if we only use 10% of our brain, imagine if we could access the other 90% which I think we can via enlightenment process.

The mind to me is the one being witnessed two, by the spirit and body. Both try and exert control on the mind, and we either become slaves to the body or spirit, or we learn to distinguish between the two, and find the balance/tau, the 3rd perceptive seen in contrast, and assume a position of control.

Mind is the middle point between heaven and earth, spirit and flesh, it is I think also the son(sun) of man.

The return of the son of man, is a return of the mind, to its former glory/heights/awareness before the fall, when wisdom ruled?

and every eye will see him…, I think this is on the mental level, the 3rd eye 7th chakra, meaning when the Vail falls, it will leave man kind with a higher awareness, allowing us to see ourself better.

the son of man is said to return through the clouds, this to me is the mind, returning through the vail, ignorance/darkness.

(apology’s if I have gone a bit of track here to thread subject, but I feel it is still relevant)

Most of the physical walls are a reflection of mental walls, mental walls are the corridors in which our thoughts travels along(guided), the walls are our truths, some walls(truths) are fake and need to be identified, by knocking on the wall testing it for strength, because you never know, what was a wall could actually be a door an other corridor of thought to explore.

I must say Ra, your gift at decoding symbolism is really a pleasure to behold. ;D Not too many have that depth of insight.

One, comment if I may, though. Symbolic interpretation of this nature is nearly always multifaceted, offering several meanings related to not only different aspects of physical, scientific, moral, and spiritual life (as well as other aspects) but also contain levels of Teaching based on personal advancement; which can only be decoded/unlocked through next level understandings. The creators, practitioners, and manipulators of these symbol Teachings designed them for these very purposes, but also to store a great amount of information/knowledge/wisdom into a very small symbol packet(s). You can look at it like highly sophisticated computer code, although symbol code integrates much more smoothly with human cognition, is much more three dimensional, and is better at keeping the hackers out, as the passwords and keys are intention, awareness, and knowledge specific.

Understanding this, remember not to get stalled by one track interpretations or pet theories too much, as they can be diversions (leading to delusions and mutations of original intentions) from the real prizes.

Thanks Len, compliment and advice much appreciated :slight_smile: