Is the Channeled Gwineva and Gwineva the Cuckoochild of the Kolbrin the same?

"Maeva, one time wife of Dadam, found refuge among people of Ardis where she gave birth to Gwineva the Cuckoochild, but as the child grew it was seen that she had red hair. Though all knew there were fair-haired and dark-haired people, none had ever seen anyone with red hair. Also, Strange maladies had manifested in Ardis for which the strangers were blamed; therefore, because of these things, Maeva and her child were driven out.

They came to a pool near the border of Krowkasis and built a habitation of reeds, living there for many years. However, Maeva was killed by a wild beast and Gwineva was left alone, but she learned much from familiars who came to her, and so she became a sorceress."

Is Gwineva that you speak of who was channeled, one and the same?

This is not the same Gwineva…although “our” Gwineva does share a historical linkage to events in the Kolbrin.

I’m guessing she is from the gardenland that was long ago withdrawn beyond the misty veil? If so, would this be one originating place from earth’s perspective for other channeled spirits having positive intentions for the human population?

From my understanding and personal experience, this is not the case, although more highly evolved Soulspirits, such as Gwineva, have crossed over the misty veil after its manifestation…

There are evolved channeled spirits assisting us that originate from very far off times and places that you mention, however, more often than not they have a connection to more recent and closer times and places. The reason for this mainly has to do with the fact that these more modern spirits (relatively speaking… time and space and dimension go farther and are more varied than many realize) have a better grasp on our present difficulties and problems, and are often better communicators to these issues than other beings further removed and more distant.