Is the Kolbrin a 'Bible'?

I am a little annoyed. I mentioned the Kolbrin Bible - as being endorsed by the Culdian Trust, earlier today in response to a thread post dealing with tattoos and markings upon the body: as to piercings and the like. I just mentioned that it dealt with the scenario in a manner comparable to such mentioned in the OT of the usual 'bible', that men could wear earrings and the women the same, but no tattoos. Well one person was adamant that the Kolbrin was not a Bible. Well I told him well maybe to him it was not, but that to me it was. I also mentioned that BIBLE is a subjective word. You have books described as : "Fisherman's Bibles" on catching fish, "Hunter's Bibles" on hunting. "Quilter's Bibles" on Quilting - many, many compilations of legit material and much that is interesting, thought-provoking as well are advertised as being a "Bible" of 'this', or of 'that'. SO WHAT? The Christian religion does not have a monopoly on the usage of the word 'Bible'. And in my honest opinion the Kolbrin is far batter a 'Bible' to me than the so called KJV, OR ANY OTHER pre-KJV or post-KJV book that was damned and burned by the 'church' prior to the hiding (and later saving & publishing) of the various books in the Kolbrin today, BY THE Culdians! The person still insisted it was NOT A BIBLE. (SIGH).

I told him, had he read the book, he’d have known what I was talking about. I got no response thereafter. Oh well.

From an etymological point of view, Katsi, you are quite correct. The word ‘bible’ simply means collection of books. In this sense the Kolbrin, as well as a great many other books, are technically bibles.

However, because of the baggage associated with the word and to prevent confusion, the Culdian Trust does not call the Kolbrin a bible or use that word in its title.

For those who do not understand, in this case it is best to apply gentle teaching and foster reconciliation. To me personally, for example, A bible is a set of sacred teachings that apply best to one individual’s heart. For one person, this might be the traditional Judeo-Christian set of texts. For another, it may be the Kolbrin. What is your bible might not be another’s, and vice versa. What is most important here is that whatever Bible is yours helps to make you a better person, and connects you to the God of your heart.

I would recommend to the people of this group that when you are discussing the subject with those unfamiliar with these concepts, or who may be biased against what you hold to be sacred, that you speak gently, and talk with them using the language they can understand.

To be more aware and have deeper spirituality means nothing if we cannot educate, with patience and understanding, others who see less clearly.

I try not yo use 'Bible' when referencing the Kolbrin to others. I call it a collection of ancient wisdom texts. This way, fundamentalist 'christians' are less objectionable to it.

I just say it’s like other non canonical books… like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the like. If they have a problem with gnostic texts, then I know not to enlighten them further.

yes - I can see that was likely my first mistake to begin with, but maybe he would not have known what it was without that reference to it as a 'bible' or 'collection' as I did try to explain. :)

yes- apparently this person chose to not look further - was rather angry lately on so many fronts … as well … :-\

sad, I guess when someone is too busy cutting down others and insisting that it’s ‘their way or the highway …’ looking at how they act tells me their way is not working for them! (hee hee) and perhaps worth a look at some other points would help … but as you said, they are locked into their self made bondage of thought prison - that is going to be hard to get out of …

Honestly, I quote so many sources these days that I don't recall where many come from. Most are all truisms in any religion and a saying like it can be found in those varing religious texts.
in my opinion the favorite parts in that Kolbrin are the God sections and the soul, and the simple precepts for living decently and being conscious of others. What more do people need?
I agree with you that the Kolbrin has been more beneficial to me than the Bible. It is a book on how to cultivate one's soul as a worship to GOD more than a book on a group of tribes and there heroes, and the worship and fear of their GOD.

Yep, me too, One reading of the Kolbrin, gave me more enlightenment on the “how too” of the spiritual path, than many, many years, of study of the Jewish and Christian texts.
Thanks be, to the brave Culdee !