Is there a physical Kolbrin book to buy here?

Hello everyone,

I’m Robert, I came to these forums as I was told it was the most reliable place to buy the Kolbrin but I also found a lot of very interesting threads so I may just stick around and join in on the conversation. I have broad interests in mysticism, spirituality, mystery, history, philosophy and just about anything to do with exploring the mind. I hope to browse further threw threads soon and hopefully I can learn from all of you and maybe add in something myself.

Welcome Robert! Speaking for everyone, I’m sure I can say we’re all very glad to have you! And all your interests, as you will see as you look through the forums are shared by various members here. :slight_smile:

As for the physical version of the Kolbrin, the Culdian Trust does not sell it directly except in bulk. However, you can purchase directly online through the following 3rd party websites:

Hope that helps, and don’t be a stranger… :slight_smile:

Yes you can! I bought mine on and got it in the post last week :smiley: