It Is Our Choice to be Here: Part I

Katsi wrote: “sounds like an Archonic mindset was set into motion with humanity …”

Leonard wrote: “Perhaps, Katsi, but it was our choice…”

Diane wrote: “Leonard-could you expand on “our choice”…maybe?”

The following is my attempt at the first part of answering your question, Diane. A more straightforward explanation detailing some of the dynamics of metaphysical free will shall come within the next few days, or a bit later if I’m held up. Enjoy the story in the meantime, and those doubtful can find thousands of similar case studies in modern medical and academic literature…

Part I

I’ll try to expand without getting into too much cosmology, as it can clutter the issue, but a little cosmology is necessary for a well rounded answer. But before I begin with a ‘straight’ approach, let me begin with a true story, that happened to a nine year old girl. The following events occurred years ago, related to me by the same nine year old years after the event, now a grown woman. It should be stated that the girl in question was not raised by a family that went to church, and did not have any other spiritual or religious background or education besides being ‘nominally’ Christian (certainly no conception of spiritual existence or reincarnation).

It was a hot summer day in suburban America. Days of play, adventure, freedom, and trouble that evoke life long memories in those awaited for months when we were given a reprieve from school that never ended once begun, and never came soon enough in springtime. That was this day’s setting for young Liz (not her real name). When the weather was really hot, the neighborhood public pool was in walking distance from home. She’d often go by herself and swim for hours, for she took to the water like a fish, still does in fact.

Not many people were in the water that day, and no lifeguard even attended the pool. So it is no surprise that no one noticed what happened next. The pool was outdoors surrounded by a vertical lined fence and a grassy park beyond. Just outside the fence were a handful of bored young boys, early teens, looking for trouble. Perhaps it was a dare, or maybe planned, or just a thoughtless whim that saw one of the boys pick up a rock, half the size of a man’s fist, and launch it pitcher style in the direction of the pool.

Liz went black. All was timeless nothingness in the manner of a deep sleep. Seconds or days, both are equal in this state, so how long the blackout lasted, who can say?

A visionless Voice emerged from the black as if it were already in mid-conversation which Liz first remembered as saying, “So you’re sure you want to go back?”

Liz responded simply, “Yes.”

The Voice continued, “It won’t be easy. You will once again have to confront suffering and confusion.”

Liz repeated, “I want to go back.”

The Voice offered one last chance, “It has always been your choice to return or go elsewhere. Right now, you have one final opportunity to leave where you were, and not return again. What is your decision?”

Liz knew her mind and stood her ground, “This is where I feel I need to be right now. Please return me.”

With a sudden rush, Liz’ eyes opened to about ten feet of water above her head and a cement bottom supporting her back. Who can say how long she lied there, seconds or minutes, but it was long enough to completely blackout, take in water, sink to the bottom, and have a auditory hallucination or spiritual experience (as one judges such things). In any case, given the trauma and minimum length of the event, she should have died by any strictly materialistic perspective.

As Liz was first taught to swim as a toddler, there was little panic, just ingrained reaction. Sitting up, her legs became a coiled spring to shoot the rest of her body above water. Grasping to dear life at the side of the pool, water was quickly coughed and spewed out of her little lungs, and she coughed and coughed while just as desperately sucking in air.

Some minutes passed just to breathe and calm her nerves from the shock. It didn’t take too long to notice a strange warmth on the side of her head, accompanied by a stinging pain. I don’t think she even noticed her hand instinctively reaching the spot where it hurt, but as her hand came back around to the field of vision, it was not water, but blood dripping off her hand.

Even as a child, Liz was never one taken to flights of histrionics. Not wishing to give herself any attention or embarrassment, she grabbed a nearby towel, wrapped it around her head, and climbed out of the pool. She scanned again for the guilty boys outside the fence, not seen since the blackout, noticed the fateful rock at the bottom of the pool, and made a hurried pace home; where mother was sure to tend to her wound.

*Post story note: Even given this powerful experience, Liz is not, nor has ever been a religious or even an especially spiritual person. Her attitude towards religion and new age belief borders on the cynical, and makes no personal claim for God, angels, or any specific cosmology. Yet, she unapologetically is personally assured of a spiritual afterlife and reincarnation. She was there, therefore she knows, so she claims. Although Liz is a very aware, balanced, and self adjusted person comparatively speaking, she has great trouble dealing with being amongst all the ignorance, pain, suffering, and evil in the world. And although I’ve asked her why she choose to come back, she has no answer; claiming she didn’t know what she was thinking in making the choice, and hopes she doesn’t have to return here after this life. Or so her present Earthbound consciousness desires…

So what is it? when she went to that other realm of consciousness while she was knocked out it was her "Kohar" self that decided?

Manuel, the short answer is yes. I shall go more deeply into these issues in Part II, although the nature of the Kohar per se will not be the primary focus.

Well that is explained well in Scrolls, what is interesting is that according to this story of yours when you're "on the other side" you're absolutely dominated by that other higher consciousness.

It is more accurate to say one is “dominated” by encumbering influences in the material realm as opposed to one’s True Self making an un-forced decision guided only by spiritual light.

yeah i get it ;)
Modern twist of the story of the God Orion. Sampson and Delilah, Jesus talking about the “strong man” being “bound” or cast into a deep sleep. My stories are about boys. Leonard gave a girl story. Interesting name...Liz Maybe next story could be about a group of androgynous beings, all inclusive ya know...

Think this paragraph below was “inspired” from the writings of Immanuel Kant, (German Philosopher), “In the Critique of Pure Reason” 1781.

“Our physical bodies are phenomena subject to natural third-density causality because we are part of the third-density world and subject to its laws. Our actions, based on third-density interpretations alone, are then subject to the same empirical third-density causality, and because causal series are continuous in time (each event has a prior cause which is an effect of another prior cause), we have no freedom at this level of phenomena.” ugh, ok, sheesh.

I’ve got stories about girls and boys. As for androgynous beings, I guess I could tell you about the time I went to see David Bowie… LOL

“we have no freedom at this level of phenomena”

This is incorrect. The freedom we have in this realm lays within the established laws of material and spiritual existence, and is contingent upon one’s personal spiritual advancement or level of mastery. In other words, freedom is both our choice and within reach on this Earth depending on the self control and awareness you choose to achieve here.

Leonard is grumpy tonight. I really don't like David Bowie very much. I did have row 10 seats in a Leonard Skynyard concert, and saw Zeppelin in NYC in 1977, (can't remember too much about exactly where I was sitting, but I will say it was vivid). That all comes from living just 45 minutes outside of NYC at that time in my life. Was a grand time in my life. I've been waiting patiently for your part 2, and reflecting on what you've said about this subject. Maybe in time you'll share your thoughts. You have to be able to "see" to experience the freedom at this level. Many don't, and are blinded by dogma. Not saying that I haven't been blinded, or won't be again. The subject means a great deal to me, as it does to many women. One of my quests has always been to get past the lies and reveal the truth of it. If your thoughts about it didn't matter to me, I wouldn't have asked the original question.

Me, grumpy? Nah… just a little lighthearted joke. Part 2 is still on its way, just taking longer than expected. I’ve got many items on my plate presently, and have been able to make short comments here and there as I work on other things.

I have no doubt you’re serious, Diane. I am too, but I feel it is important to relax and laugh at times through life as well. Balance is essential to health of all kinds.

Please elaborate on what you mean by this subject being important to women, as opposed to men. Also, what questions or specific items are you struggling with? This will help me to be more specific to your questions in Part 2.

To be perfectly honest..another piece of the puzzle fit into place today, and I really have to think about it, (reflect). I can tell you the quest, and it won't be my last. I need to get the entire "Fall" story very clear in my mind. The questions I have are many, and all related. But as the story stands in the Kolbrin and The Bible, it doesn't resonate with me as being all there is to it, nor correct. Being a woman I have a different perspective, and being that you are knowledgeable on the subject of the Kolbrin, (a book that I do enjoy very much), I would love to hear what you have to say from a personal level, not one as a representative of the work. I'd love to hear every one's thoughts on the subject. I never take what I read at face value. It has to resonate with me, and make sense. As far as the story being more important to women....I don't really think I need to explain. History itself is witness alone. You already have offered more than what was written in The Kolbrin, and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

Hi Diane. You may want to track down a copy of the very first Culdian publication, The Book of Gwineva. There you will find an interesting dawn-time story. You may find you resonate with what Gwineva has to say on the subject.

Is Kant really correct in his assertions here? Can causality of this nature not also be partly determined by other factors such as non-third density phenomenon? Can it not also be said that because of causal series, choices can be either expansive or diminutive, depending on differing situations thus determining potential myriads of possible responses? Just a thought :o

Interesting thoughts Lance, nice to have you on board and keep sharing your thoughts, I am trying to get a hang of the workings of the forum still but i will try to focus on discussing more as I get more familiarized.

I’ve been realizing it is our choice to be here. We chose to be here are this time in our development, and Earths development. Some say we may have even chosen our parents. There are lessons we needed to learn and we’re here to experience them and grow from them. Have you ever learned something the hard way? Oh I have, many times. If it didn’t sink in the first few times, then you go through it again. Each time it get’s more difficult to deny that maybe that way isn’t the right way. You adjust your direction, continue on and be free from making that error again. In turn, you can also help others going through the same lesson that you learned. Think that’s what we’re suppose to do.

I’ve also come across information saying that by experiencing the material world it may be the hardest path, but it’s also the fastest path. That can be a good thing, or a bad thing since we don’t have a whole lot of time. Seems we repeat this level many times before we get it right so we can move on.

Sometimes learning the hard way is the best way. Some call experience Life’s Greatest Teacher. I happen to agree. Often pride, stubbornness, and love of our own foolishness outweighs someone wiser just telling us what’s best. Those are the cases when experience has to beat the Truth into our heads; over and over, harder and harder until we learn. And yes, imagine trying to learn some of these Lessons deep in our hearts in only the Spiritual realm… it would take eons longer.

This is why we’re here, this is why we choose to come here. This is where consciously wishing to grow and learn makes the fast track to growth on Earth even faster… very hard work. This is the conscious ‘Mastery of Life’ on the ‘Soulpath’.

No reason to get depressed about any of this, though. In fact, we should feel very happy and lucky. Some of the worst and most difficult experiences of my life, while it was hellish and not something I’d like to repeat, I am most thankful for as it has made me who I am and taught me what I know that would have been nigh impossible to learn otherwise.

Just a thought here Diane, could it be that we may have to repeat something several times not so much to learn a particular thing, but to learn various aspects or facets of the lesson in order to understand it to whatever degree we had originally intended?

I have to wonder about this concept Len. Could you further explain what you mean by: This is where consciously wishing to grow… and, This is the conscious ‘Mastery of Life’ on the ‘Soulpath’ means? I am of the understanding that Earth-life is more a wiping clean of the slate (no prior knowledge) in the great majority of cases, and that the experiences we choose to participate in here are more unconscious whispers guiding us via unnamed feelings and other such ephemeral things.

Thankyou Manu. I believe it will be great being onboard.

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Let me clarify my statement, Lance.

While we are here on Earth, there is a great ‘forgetting’, and the majority of life’s lessons are learned unconsciously, through experience, trial and error, pleasure and pain. Very often, these lessons have to be repeated over and over again before the lesson is truly learned, or seared into the heart. This is a very slow, laborious process.

As time goes by and one advances, sparks of consciousness ignite in the areas of experience most developed. As the sparks slowly catch to flame, one becomes more aware of lessons being learned as they are learned. One also begins to see areas of strength and weakness in oneself, and where one needs to improve. One can now consciously seek out the Lesson needed rather than leaving it up to blind chance/fate or accidentally bumping into the lesson unaware. It is a transition from animal to man to man-god.

As advancement and consciousness accelerates, the Man/Soulspirit chooses to consciously devote himself to the Soulpath towards the Mastery of Life. Once this conscious quest on the Soulpath is begun, advancement and development on Earth commence at an intensified pace. Lessons are learned and chosen more and more consciously, and hence more quickly, as it is more self directed and pushed by the desire for advancement through clearer awareness.

Does the above clarification of my statement help any, Lance?

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Thanks Len - for both responses. I will, however, get back to this one.

That’s a beautiful thought, that our children choose us to be their parents.
I often look into my childrens eyes, especialy when they were babies, as little Eliahna is now, and wonder who they may have been, and what they may have experienced, and do they remember anything while they are babies , about their former incarnations.
I love babies, so new, and so loving free and honest.
My children are all old souls, but are all children old souls ?
I wonder.
Another wonderful thought, this one’s for you Diane, and all the Culdian sisters, that when I hold Eliahna, I’m holding my grandchildren as well, that I may yet never meet, who knows ?
As, a woman, is born with all her eggs in her ovam, all her offspring are there, waiting to be fertalised, and given life.
Wonderful Creation.
Blessed be the Supreme Spirit, the Creator of all.