It's Not Right They Made The Kolbrin's Authenticity Dubious!

I do not wholly agree with this idea of making the Kolbrin's authenticity dubious, much less if one does have a way to demonstrate its actual origin even somewhat convincingly.

That wasn’t our idea or choice, it was made by those who gave it to us…and they put safeguards on us reversing that choice. You’ll have to take that frustration up with Others, Manuel.

Also, you have always had means of authenticating the Kolbrin, yourself. The fact that you haven’t utilized this ability is no one else’s fault but your own.

Well don't get me wrong I am not meaning to vent any frustration on you Leonard, and to be honest I think I am not the right person to be told that I haven't used my abilities to validate the Kolbrin, as I have a thorough research here and also corresponding with private individuals online that to me has a lot of validation. Unfortunately not enough to silence the general skepticism and honestly sometimes not as much as I wish I had to totally silence my own; but quite a lot nevertheless.

How else do you think you will be able to validate the Kolbrin except by your own abilities?

If that is the task you’ve set for yourself, that responsibility and its success or failure lies with you, none other.

Well it's not like those gems of knowledge you possess wouldn't come in handy, but I respect the situation of privacy that you have explained. And honestly if I have been uncovering the origins of the Kolbrin for close to a decade with my own faculties (and the help of other likeminded seekers) I think I can continue on that path without problem ;)

However that’s not to say I won’t keep asking of you as many hints as you can share without tresspassing your obligations :smiley:

"Who among men can say with certainty, "I know I am being guided right"? Confidence and faith they may have, but certitude? Never! Such is the nature of life."