James McCanney on the Kolbrin

Hi all, thanks for letting me join, thought ill share this regarding the kolbrin via james mccanney very interesting listen, he was one of the first in the USA to receive a copy years ago :) http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_December_20_2007.mp3
Thanks Heremaia, I recall listening to this when researching the Kolbrin a long time ago. What is your opinion on McCanney?? Leonard TJ what about you Len?
I like a lot of his old broadcast, lots of interesting information, hes ok, can be a bit slow at times, but like everything one must use prudence and discrimination when sifting through information :)

sorry not discrimination, i meant discernment lol

Sorry Manuel, can’t say that I have an informed opinion on McCanney, as I have not read his material except in passing. He does seem like a smart guy, and is not at all constrained by some of the many limits and handicaps of mainstream science. Those of a scientific bent would probably do themselves some good to look into some of his research.

He is also a strong advocate of the Kolbrin, so he must be doing something right. :slight_smile:

Hi Len, i remember James Mccanney mentioning in one of his broadcast, the the kolbrin was released because of an event that happened, is this true, if so, could you or anyone here elaborate on what the event was?


Welcome to the forums Ra!

There was no event that caused the release of the Kolbrin, so you will have to ask James McCanney what he means by that. The Kolbrin was released because of the crossroads and perilous times our civilization is currently going through, and because it no longer needs to be hid in order to survive.

Please reread the Introduction to the Kolbrin on this matter:

“This book is resurrected with the sole intent of ranging it alongside the Forces of Good. Its publication will undoubtedly be difficult, for such a work can scarcely be deemed to have popular appeal. It deals with goodness and virtue, courage and morality, with spiritual ideals and human aspirations, all unpopular and despised fare in these the Days of Decision. It seeks to en shrine love in a place beyond clamour and craving of the mortal flesh and this alone may be sufficient to call down derision upon it. The same effort as was put into the piecing together and reconstruction of the Kolbrin, put into a book pandering to the moral weaknesses of society and exploiting the jaded, degenerate appetites of modern life, would undoubtedly prove more popular. But can it be said, even in these morally unwholesome times that the value of a publication depends solely on its popular appeal?”

"A society progresses through social evolution, not revolution, but the woes displayed by present day society indicate that the evolutionary trend has taken a wrong direction. The standards of the past, formulated to stabilise society, have been spurned, without any adequate substitutes being put in their place. This is the tragedy of the times.

To get a more comprehensive view of where our society is heading, perhaps a better understanding of where we have been is needed. It is in this context that the Kolbrin is launched, to take its place in the greater scheme of things."

Thanks len, would be a good question to ask, if he did indeed say that, maybe he was meaning the crossroads, being measured by a event of some kind, I thought he mentioned the fall of the U.S.S.R?, but i could be wrong.

Only asking because the waitaha elders were told to release there information because of a specific event, thought it might be related :slight_smile:

I like the way the kolbrin has been presented, and agree a better understanding of where we have been, will help us in the future to where we would like to go.

That’s why its so important to recognize our roots or whakapapa, when our roots are acknowledge, we can then draw water from wells of wisdom, and knowledge.

It has been this journey of finding myself, knowing myself, that has lead me to the kolbrin, and into new zealands ancient history.

Just wondering if anybody here has read Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection, by James Mccanney?

There may have been an event that we were not told about, as the original guardians of the Kolbrin released it to us without wanting to be known or supplying that much information as to their reasoning.

You have me curious though, what event portended the release of information by the waitaha elders?

Your Maori research combined with knowledge of the Kolbrin gives you a perspective few of us have, you are quite fortunate in that regard. Several Culdians have a Maori lineage as well. You may see some of them here, so having a chance to share what you have learned should be enlightening.

Significant star alignment

“The stars came into that particular conjunction in 1990. The elders saw it coming in 1988 and the words given to me then were `We have taken the taonga from the past, the greatest inspiration we have left to give to our young people that they might find the courage and the understanding and the wairua to step forward into the future’. This is Song of Waitaha.”


(not sure about copy right here Len, is it OK to do this, if i link it to original text?)

I have noticed that too Len, together those two perspectives have given me a insight that is not normally seen, and given me many wow moments, recognition to certain topics and thoughts were i have seen connections.

Cool cant wait, I feel like a student entering into a class room lol, wondering with awe what new things he will learn :slight_smile:

Having been asked about Was there an Event? It did not enter my mind, but yes there was reference to a star appearing and I had that written somewhere (the date) shall have to look for it. If you look in the front of the Kailedy I had to put (It is destined to be published in 1998, two years after The Holy Spirit will manifest on Earth in a new phase). As we had hoped to have it published to coincide with 1996. This is my first reply, I also have Song of Waitaha and Whispers of Waitaha. Hope to meet Heremaia one day.

You may post sections of the Song of Waitaha, Ra, and link them to the original page they are on. If you are requesting to post the whole thing, you need to check and see if it is copyrighted, and if so, get the permission of the copyright holder to post it in full here. If it is not copyrighted, you may post however much you like no problem.

Otherwise, just post fair use sections of the text and link to the original website where applicable.

And say hi to Laraine, as she is our resident Kolbrin expert. Welcome on board, Laraine! :wink:

Nice to have you here Laraine :slight_smile:

Thanks, might be the resident Kolbrin expert but nowhere near as good as Manuel and some of his team I am in awe at their knowledge of the Kolbrin. I would just like to input a little about James Mc Canney. James was not the first to put ‘The Destroyer’ online or in his book ,it was done by Dermit O’Dowd. Once out there it very quickly found it followers. James Mc Canney being one of them wrote in His Book ‘Atlantis to Tesla The Kolbrin Connection’, he also wrote 'Survivng Planet X Passage, a supplement to the text Planet X Comets and Earth Changes, plus the Book Planet X Comets and earth Changes. James forwarded the three of his books to me in 2004, about this time he became a very strong supporter of our Kolbrin, the hard copy Version as we had been communicating with Glenn Kimball etc, about the taking of the Kolbrin. Since The Destroyer was released many very interesting articles and books are finding their way on to the market. May truth find a way. I look forward to further contact.

Yeah I remember him blasting YOWUSA and recommending only getting the Culdian version. Yet I’ve heard that he’s just pushing his own agenda with the Kolbrin (like most notorious people who seem to have become related to it). For what I’ve researched he has not anything interesting to offer except extravagant theories. I wasn’t interested to go any further but surely I am open to hear anything you may learn Laraine.

The only contact I ever had was over ‘The destroyer’ Oh what other gems have been overlooked…most people read something to fit their present preoccupation, and move on ,others can be like a dog with a bone. But that is life.

Thanks and Hi Laraine, very interesting, look forward to any future information on the subject. Yes will be great to meet one day, are you in New Zealand?, Both those Waitaha book are awesome.

Thanks Len, should be good.

P.S, wont be able to contribute much in the next couple of days, on hoiliday in South Island for my sisters wedding, be back Tuesday :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Hello Ra and Manu, Yes I live in New Zealand. I am an original member of The Culdian Trust. I help run the Culdian Centre in Coromandel and I typeset and had published The Kolbrin for The Trust. Shall get into adding more to other subjects as soon as I get the knowledge on how to do this. Hope to work with Len to put a lot more information on over time. Enjoy the wedding shall look forward to a contact through email Ra to a future meeting.

Thanks Laraine and manu, was a great trip.

Lauraine, i sent you a message

wow, now i know who James Mccanney was talking about, when he talked about the person who typeset the kolbrin with an other fellow, who talked while you typed, as i understand it?

I am honored to be able to learn and share with you Laraine :slight_smile: