Keltic Meditation (A Guided Audio MP3)

We are very pleased to present for sale what is the first in a possible series of guided audio meditations. Read by a very lovely and experienced Culdian out of New Zealand, Keltic Meditation is nearly 45 minutes of calming sounds and gentle visualizations. While the Culdian Trust has many meditations suiting different purposes, the Keltic Meditation guided audio is useful for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. But especially for the beginner, this type of spoken audio helps one to focus on the external sounds and words to heal repressed and unconscious pains in a gentle healing, while awakening latent spiritual perception.

Very often, the novice meditator sits alone quietly in a room not knowing what to do next, unable to calm themselves, or completely unsure of whether or not the meditation they are following has been successful. This guided audio helps to take that pressure off as you are led, one step at a time, in what to do next. After sitting through this meditation for a few sessions, you will gain confidence and understanding of the inner space you need in continuing other solo and group meditations.

Again, even if you are experienced with meditation, this guided meditation is an excellent one to add to your tool belt, as it assists any personal healing you may need, while gently stimulating your various spiritual centers.

This is a downloadable MP3, which is listed in our Store, but may be purchased offsite through Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. See here:

Keltic Meditation, the guided audio MP3, should not be confused with our Booklet of the same name, which offers a handful of different written meditations for different purposes.

We hope you enjoy this meditation in the guided format. Let us know whether you prefer this in comparison to written meditations, and we may look to produce more in the future!

I would recommend this meditation for anyone. I have used it to introduce meditation practices throughout Wellington, Palmerston North, Rotorua, Tauranga, Whakatane, to name but a few. In every instance, the response from attendees and participants has been very positive where the meditation’s content is concerned.

Thanks for making it more readily available.

I too, have listened to this meditation and am happy to now have it as a tool. I appreciate the guidance it offers. Thanks ;D