Kindy Kids to Have ID Numbers

I came across this article in the New Zealand Herald newspaper of July 17th, 2013. Thought you might be interested.

Nicholas Jones education
Identification numbers attached to children as young as three could be used to track and punish their parents.

The ID system will be rolled out next year, paving the way for information to possibly be passed from kindergartens to the Government agency which monitors beneficiaries.

About 190,000 children in early childhood education will be assigned a national student number, with providers collecting information including each child’s daily attendance.

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I have presented the above article in full, and it should be seen as information of an educational nature under the US Fair Use Act.

[ol]- These new rules will mean that beneficiaries have to enrol their children in early childhood education or else they will lose their benefit or have it cut in some form.

  • There is big concern here that information sharing will be used as a means to target the parents of children who are beneficiaries
  • [Apparently] this comes amidst work to assign an identification number to all children going through our early childhood facilities.
  • Teachers are to become informants on behalf of a government which is a mere puppet of something much larger.
  • Because of the numbers quoted, those required to be numbered are those who are not in a good position to protest or to defend themselves (or so they are led to believe!).[/ol]

I know, for certain, this is one dubious method being employed by the globalist cabals in their nefarious attempts at bringing all of humanity into line with their diabolical machinations of global domination. Very soon this identification number will come in the form of a [slightly] modified rfid chip [the same type as those fear-mongers in both the US and EU (to a lesser degree) are touting at the moment as being essential for one’s personal safety and security].

Will Kiwi’s go complacently and willingly into the lions den, gladly placing their heads into the open, slobbering mouths of the lions? Or will we stand and be counted? Time will no doubt tell.

As for me and my house, we shall serve the LORD ! Or rather, the Supreme Spirit.
No chips for my kids, I swear, over my dead body, and after I have run out of amo.
Though, I do feel that the soon passing of the Destroyer, will kinda mess their plans up?
And, if the Destroyer should tarry, I feel Kiwi’s may well rebell, and not worry about trade sanctions and like punishments, we don’t really need money, and we can look after ourselves.
There are only so many cops to enforce government edicts, and most of the army are Maori, so lots of luck getting the army to push Kiwi’s around. And should U.N troops come here to enforce World Government rules, well, I’m sure we can handle them .