Lacking Awe and Inspiration


I recently watched a video by Jordan Peterson in which he was saying something along the lines of needing meaning, awe and a call to something greater. I have spent lots of time in my life contemplating the world and existence. I’ve thought about the origins of the universe, mans destiny, the nature of reality etc. and reached what I consider to be satisfactory explanations for everything, although they may be wrong they’re probably the best I can do with my limited resources. I’m wondering now if I have a problem where I have no more inspiration or drive. If the best thing we can achieve is just to continue our existence then what really is the point? If we are to fade away would we not just return to where we are in the fullness of time? Are the circumstances that created life and everything not surely repeatable? If we achieve some eternal state of bliss does it not have to be juxtaposed by suffering to actually have definition? Do we not have to accept that our insignificant lives can be snuffed out by any number of events? That there’s nothing more certain than our children or children’s children themselves being snuffed out or changed beyond recognition? Is it just a case of making ourselves comfortable until we die? Where can one find awe? Jordan Peterson mentions the night sky but even when I look up on a clear night I don’t sense awe. I just see a material world that can end or loop or some magnified version of our current existence. I do appreciate the beauty of the firmament but it’s just so much matter and the spirit is just some kind of repose before the cycle of life starts anew. How can I revivify my perspective or am I just getting old?

Hi there, the kolbrin can help answer some of your questions, :slight_smile: I like Jordan Peterson, interesting and intelligent man,


The good may say. “Why then should not our lives be lengthened and years added unto us?” Know they not the goodness of the labour done in their lifetime shall have been sufficient and no more is required of them here? If they have served well on Earth they are candidates for higher service in the regions of Regions of light, for the opportunity for service ceases not at death.

To what end would you live longer, to do the thing you have not done or repeat the things you have already done? What you have been unable to do will be done by others, and does not man experience repetitious pleasures with decreasing enjoyment? Would you increase your knowledge or develop your skill? Who, then shall teach you more than is to be learned on Earth, or where on Earth can practice carry you beyond perfection? he who would go further must go to a higher place of instruction. The works done on Earth pass away and the fruits of man’s labour are reaped elsewhere.

Each man’s life should leave its impress on Earth, and each man should depart a better man for having lived. Repine not for lost opportunities, for opportunity does not perish at death. do your best here and you will do better elsewhere. Be wise here and you will be wiser in another place.

Earthly success is not the measure of a man’s achievement, for a gain here may mean a loss elsewhere. An earthly loss may mean a spiritual gain, the scales are always just.

The book of morals and Precepts, chapter1 - verse -life , Kolbrin.