Learning from New Zealand

So does being in NZ have anything to do with your discovery of the Kolbrin Heremaia?
Yes, I first heard about the kolbrin via James Mccanney in one of his broadcast, when he mention the care takers of the kolbrin resided in NZ, i sought them out to get a copy of the kolbrin. I ended up traveling to the Coromandel where the Culdian Trust is based, to the keltic fair that they sponsor on the second of february every year, I talked to one of there representatives to try and get more information about other books, but she could not tell me much more than what is already known, but she was able to sell me a original kolbrin for $80.


That was back in 2007, i am now onto my second kolbrin, as the first got worn and torn from constant use, i ended up giving it to a friend who is currently repairing it for me.

I then went to goodies book store in Auckland and purchased an other one last year.

Just a note: The Culdian Trust no longer sponsors the Keltic fair.

In 2007 they had a cake stall, run by a representative, guess i was lucky :)

No, we actually ran the fair back in 2007… we started it an ran it until just about 3 years ago. We gave it over to the Coromandel Area School, and it is their baby now. :slight_smile:

Well Leonard, it must of been a angle lol, i went to the keltic fair with my family just to get a kolbrin, maybe the women i spoke to wasnt representing the Culdian trust at the time?, but who ever she was, she asked me to wait till the end of the fair so she could go into town to there office to get a copy, the family and i went to the beach till the afternoon, until i met up with the women after the fair.

If she went to the office to get you a copy, she most definitely was a Culdian… Again, back in 2007 we still ran the Fair.

I think all the like minded types should get together on some land in the Coromandel and form a Kibbutz style community. Start a school, and put our shoulders to the wheel and work together to build something together.
Our own Culdian village ?
Just a vision I share with my wife.
Love and light people !