Meteors and Signs from the Heavens

Since we banned our Zeta obsessed friend (on the Kolbrin Facebook group) we have been getting meteors all the time. Hope we are not gonna be facing one of my favorite Kolbrin passages soon.

“The land burnt like tinder, a man watched upon his rooftops and the Heavens hurled wrath upon him and he died.”


Signs there truly are in the skies, but what they portend, few can say. This most ancient of sciences has nearly been lost from neglect and forgetfulness, stagnating in the hands of charlatans and the deluded.

So when it's the biological catastrophe coming about ?

There is no way to seriously answer your question if you feel astrology is a joke.

If serious, ‘when’ is not the question astrology answers, but rather ‘what’ and sometimes ‘how’. It only interprets signs presently witnessed based on knowledge of esoteric and exoteric cycles.

You’ll have to do some painstakingly intense study if you genuinely wish to learn more.

Anybody who feels astrology is a joke, has misunderstood the nature of the universe.

Unfortunately, many modern ‘so-called astrologers’, have made this most ancient of sciences into a joke. :frowning:

Fortunately, charlatans and fools, by bringing popularity to astrology, will have the eventual effect of resurrecting astrology through the diligent hands of a few serious and sincere students…

H, I’m new here, but, my core philosophies have run congruent with “other or outsider cogniscences”… and from what I have thus read from this “knowledge trust” fits nicely with my soul song…

Marshall Masters has quoted " that the timing of celestial mechanics do not operate or adhere to the science of man!" (sic) I would fully agree with this.

If in indeed there is a perturber in the eliptical orbit counter to the solar system, then it is operating outside of the norm, and not within the nine orbiting spheres around Sol. Hense, the astronomers are going crazy to label it anything but a “rogue” planet…because it does not fit into long held eqausions and hard data about our solar system. Should this Ancient knowledge and forewarnings of the return of the “madness” that befell Earth more than once end up being factual, there is going to be very large helpings of crow dished to the naysayers. “IF” ( which translates as; there is ) a mini solar system ( or a brown star with accompanying planetiods ) is orbiting our solar system every 3,600 + - years, then we are in for; not only the greatest show on Earth in modernity, but perhaps witness to both an life ending event and a reset to Earths future as a vilable place to life for the next millenia. There is nothing that says the Earth, Moon, and inner planets closest to the sun are immune from catastrophic events from other celestial bodies. It makes sense to me that we are long over due.
Masters web site has running daily video of something off of the ecliptic behind the sun. He has labeled it “bluebonnet” because of it’s bluish halo… He is being cautious not to call it the Blue Kachina of the Hopi Indians ( which they believe it is ) This would the heralding comet preceeding the brown dwarf star…aka; “The Destroyer”
None of this is new information to you… it is a matter of timings and which path one way or the other these bodies take.
Masters is quite cautious about predicting if’s and when’s, but he does say it is not a matter of “IF”…it is a matter of “WHEN!” The Evidence is out there to see, and apparently within the end of this year ,2013 or early 2014, it will be visable to the naked eye!
So… rather than running around and prepping for the Apocalypse, I am doing my best to prepare my soul for whatever happens.

Thank you
Rara Avis

Welcome Rara Avis. Hope you find this forum beneficial.

End Times are almost getting to the stage of becoming, in US terms, a dime a dozen these days. It could indeed be interesting to see which one, if any, eventually comes true.

As for Masters, well he will jump aboard any [ancient history] bandwagon providing it is profitable for him. It would be interesting, though, to find out from whom he ‘obtained’ his information from. Naturally enough, Masters would not dare venture into specifics for he does not hold this information. Nor does he have the ability to do so at present.

Would you be interested in sharing your own Soul preparatory journey/path with us?

August 12th early Monday morning I woke up with something on my mind. It was to view the Perseus Meteor Shower. I knew just where to look outside of my bedroom window to see it. I woke at 3:55 am without an alarm clock. One of those nights I had gone to bed knowing that I needed to awaken by a certain time. I wasn’t disappointed. There were what appeared to be dozens of meteors shooting across the sky. So very far away, they were like tiny dots.

Since that night I’ve been very troubled. I put it behind me, ruled it out as just some kind of freakish thing, and went on with life. Can’t get it out of my head…so here goes…While observing the Meteor Shower something caught my eye much lower to the earth. Far to my right side of view from my window there was a brilliant light. It was like hovering just past our property line, maybe 40 ft above the ground. Very hard thing to describe. I’ll call it a sparkler. Like a condensed sparkler, but no little sparks flying off of it, just emanating light. So bright, bright white light. It wasn’t a shooting star, it wasn’t a 20 ft. diameter sparkler, it wasn’t fireworks. It was silent, and I had a very strong feeling it was alive. I stopped watching it for a moment and rubbed my eyes, thinking I must be dreaming or I’m seeing things. But it was still there. It kind of gently bobbed up and down. Eventually it just disappeared. It didn’t go up into the sky and it didn’t go down into the ground. Just kind of like “poof”, now you see it, now you don’t. Trying to justify what I’d seen I thought that maybe it had something to do with electrical current, or electro- magnetism coming from the earth in response to the Meteor Shower. Still very confused about it. Can’t find where a meteor shower that far away could have produced such a thing. So maybe one thing had nothing to do with the other. If anyone has seen something like that please share. I understand it’s not an easy thing to do. It took me this long to talk openly about it. It took me over a week to tell my husband, and he went into alien zone. I just don’t think that’s what it was.

Then on Oct 14th I spotted a low flying fireball. It was quite large, very close and obviously flaming fire with a long tail. I reported that one to the American Meteor Society, and it was confirmed, (thankfully) by 143 others in surrounding states. So my Oct. 14th fireball was real, it happened so fast you doubt what you may or may not have seen. That fireball was given a name! :wink: It’s AMS Event #2456. Cool!

If you see a fireball, meteor or anything like that in the sky you can report it to the link below. I guess it’s for USA users, not positive about that. It’s great fun to watch just how many are reported and where people are seeing them.

It seems to me Diane that the meteor shower was a mere excuse. What you needed to see was your sparkler friend(s). I would perhaps suggest you keep an eye out for similar strange happenings occurring around you - not necessarily extraterrestrial or trans/inter-dimensional either. You could very well be in for some really interesting times here… Enjoy. :wink:

As for myself, I feel very strongly, with a deep inner certainty, that SOMTHING, be it the Destroyer of infamy or not, IS going to happen at the end of this year, or close after the starting of the next.
According to Gwineva 1, we in NZ will have to fend off, or help, thousands of refugees who are sick with exposure to radiation. Is this from a Nuclear War, or from a comet impact that sends nuclear power stations into meltdown the world over Or will the Destroyer pass by, along with all the beauty, promise, and horror that entails ?
According to all the ancient texts I have read, there will be a rather large, hot, and nasty war that begins in the Middle east, Persia (Iran), will attempt to nuke Israel,Russia, (Gog) and its allies will rally to help Iran, as their massive force approaches the Valley of Gehimon (HaMeggido) Mt Meggido, it is hit with either a nuke, or some other advanced weapon. Such that, the weapons and bodies are made “unclean” by reason of the weapon, and are “marked” by a sign so people know where they are for burial and destruction of the hardware, which, according to the text, takes seven years to complete. Though with the “eyes being consumed in their sockets, flesh blown from the bones, and bones turned to lime”, not much will remain.
Israel will be hit, as it is written, “for in one night, the fatness of Ya’akov has become lean”. sadly, a lot of Israeli dead. At this point, Israel, and Israels (maybe extraterestrial god) strike back, obliterating the entire force of Gog, thus bringing an end to Gog, and his allies.
Not forgetting, of course, that according to Hebrew scripture, Israel does not only include that country by which we call this name today, but others also, made up from descendants of the so called “lost ten tribes of Israel”. The houses of Judah, and Israel, being separate clans, of the same people.
During all this, and just after, comes the signs in heaven we all know about, and the coming of somebody, who lands on the Mt of Olives outside yerushalyim just after a massive earthquake.
Could this be the “Messiah”, or Enki, or one of his children, maybe Marduk ?
Or it could even be Y’shua, no longer in disguise.
Nevethteless, the general position of most of ancient prophecy, Biblical and other, seems to paint a pretty similar scenario . War, Dissaster, Salvation. and an era of renewal and peace following.
I feel that confusion over such matters has been part of the plan, uncertainty being part of the program for lesson learning on earth. But I do also feel, that as the time draws closer, some individuals may recive more accurate information, so that they, and others, may seek any safety to be had, and also, to point to what is about to happen, and warn others to awaken, and take note of the import of the times in which we live.
Whatever comes, we face it alone, and together.
Love and light to all of good intent.

Thank you for having the courage to share this with us, Diane. I do have to agree with Lance here. I believe you are beginning, more and more, to be aware of things inside and outside yourself that are seeking to connect or at least wish to be seen. While I cannot comment on the precise nature of the form that you witnessed, I have seen, felt, and communicated with entities/energies of a related nature. The meteor shower and your personal resonance with the astrophysical energies of this event briefly “opened the curtain” to a dimension of reality not seen or understood by most people.

I’d suggest you attempt to ‘make contact’ in future occurrences of a similar nature, as well as pay close attention to your thoughts, emotions, and senses and how these are affected at different times of the day and year, and by different people and events. You know how you can give off a different type of ‘glow’ (or state of awareness or consciousness) at different times? Take note of how these are triggered, even keeping a journal, to learn how you yourself transition. Once you are aware of your triggers, you will know how to go back to them, or ‘self trigger’ at will. This will help you to see more of reality than you have even dreamt of, and eventually assist in ‘making contact’ should you choose.

The nature of what is learned here might be better expressed on a private section of the forum though, for your own sense of safety and comfort-ability, should you so choose.

You are about to embark on quite an amazing period of discovery and adventure, Diane! Lucky you, and know you are among friends, and not at all alone. :smiley:

And Sha’ul, what makes you think that the type of destructive event you describe shall happen at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014? Or, what leads you to conclude this narrow window at this precise time frame?

Len, it just looks to me like everything is coming to a head around that time.
Lots of different events, prophetic and astrological, astronomical, intersecting at that point.
Hey, I’m no prophet, maybe I’m wrong.

Something is about to happen, Sha’ul. In this you are correct. Whether or not it is Nibiru (as is being suggested worldwide these days) in the form of this soon-to-be close call with a comet, or whether there is a vibratory shift of humanity and, in particular, the Earth, or some incident prophesised, who could accurately say at this time.

We are at a particular nexus in our history at present with the outcome still to be largely determined. However, this does not mean that any outcome is set in concrete or is pre-determined. Attempts are being made to encourage a more enlightened approach to life and how we live and interact with it, but there is also just as powerful an opposition to this concept and, it would seem, these people are currently ahead in the race. The outcome of the growing clashes between the vying forces is again, undetermined, for it could fall any way forces as there are variations on either side of the Good/Evil, Light/Dark, Positive/Negative scale].

We are being assisted from many sides here and in many differing ways, for this conflagration goes way beyond Earth’s borders.

In some ways you are also right, Sha’ul, with regards New Zealand being an apparent safe haven, but it, too, is a player in this struggle, and measures are afoot to bring us further into line with the American and European concepts of a New World Order [which, in truth, is not really their concept at all]. However, New Zealand has been, and still is being, influenced, although much of this influence comes via Australia and the UN.

Oh, I nearly forgot to add…

Measures are also afoot to make us an even bigger player in this conflagration.

I’m pretty certain, going by prophetic insight that I have read from many different sources, that the Creator of All/Supreme Spirit, has in mind to put a stick into the spokes of the NWO, just as it raises its head.
The players in this game, the big players, will soon have much bigger fish to fry, than little O’l New Zealand.

Hi guys, there are other reasons why New Zealand is quite significant

A land that produces the seedling tides of the earth?, the deeper the seed, every seed above it is effected by its frequency.

All are born of the Old Tides

'In the long, long ago, when there were different stars in the heavens, all the land was covered by the great ocean and Hine Moana was its guardian.

'Then the land beneath the waters began to move, to shift and rise until it broke the surface of the widest of oceans to acknowledge the light of the Sun. And the waters were divided and one ocean became two.

'Today we divide the waters into many oceans but the Ancestors knew but two. The first was Tai Rehua, the Pacific Ocean that held the sacred waters of the gods, and the second was Tai Rehia, being all the remaining waters joined as one. That was the way of the old lore because everything was of the balance, male and female, night and day, fire and water.

'These two great oceans are called the Old Tides and where they meet they become the Seeding Tides of the Earth Mother.

'Imagine that meeting place, think of the power unleashed where the Old Tides join, see the Mana gathered to that moment, the excitement of the Mauri that runs wild within the waters to reach out to many shores.

'And there is more, because we are part of that gathered power, that exhilarating energy discovered by the Ancestors that turns within a circle that is Eternal.

Where the Old Tides meet, are the Islands of the Double Sea, this land, this Aotearoa.’

Song Of The Old Tides ` Barry Brailsford