Music: The Highest of the Arts

What a marvelous aid music can be to speak Truth to the Heart.

When manipulated logic is trapped in circles of self-created despair, when spoken language limits communication between nations and only sheds but a shadow of true meaning, music speaks clearly to all the language of Nature, penetrating the Heart and Mind.

Truly the Highest of the Arts!

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Amen! ;)

“Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.”

― Frank Zappa

And while I do not agree that music is above all these as Zappa does; it does CONTAIN and COMMUNICATE all these, more purely than any other medium!

Certainly. The Kolbrin does make some great analogy between creation and a great symphony. It seems everything is just vibrating at different rates just like notes in a musical instrument. Maybe that's what keeping it all together, music

Very prescient, Manuel…

This is what alchemists and metaphysicians have long called the ‘Music of the Spheres’.

See Below:

Yes, it is Real. And, yes, it can be heard… more grand than any symphony devised by man.

But when we compose music at its deepest levels, we tap into something greater, don’t we? … Channel something, so to speak…

All that symbolism of angels singing praise to God with beautiful harmonies. It seems to be very prevalent in varied religious texts. There's one Kolbrin chapter that says the first thing you hear when entering the higher spheres are beautiful melodies that seem to be coming from all around. I've always been fascinated by those concepts that seem to be struggling to describe something indescribable in human language.

What garbled interpretations unenlightened men have done to this symbolism through the ages. :frowning:

But what you reference the Kolbrin speaking of comes from the ‘astral’ or ‘etheric’ spheres, or what Lucius calls the “Sphere of the Holy Spirit”. That is beyond anything possibly expressed in imagination, let alone communicated properly.

Our Sphere, what Lucius calls the “Sphere of Matter and Mortality” contains its own symphonies, still grander than any music ever composed by man! Truly, even in this lower sphere, are wonders and beauties and lessons barely glimpsed in untapped potential. Yet, the greatest of man’s composers tap into but the tiniest fraction of these.

We are heirs of the magnificence of Creation and beyond, if we only accept our inheritance and make ourselves worthy of it…

Some people also have a talent with words ;)