My definition of a prophet

Being a prophet is a misunderstood "profession"... A prophet does not predict the future, but points toward the signs of the day that may lead to a probable outcome... hopefully, if he is successful, people will take heed and make the steps necessary to change that future... but then there will be those that say, "See, it did not come to pass, he was wrong."

My view of prophecy is slightly different.
I see a prophet as more of a teacher, and interpreter of events. A prophet is a guardian of the flock, and is supposed to be the defender of truth, against all odds, and at the expense, if need be, of his own life.
A prophet, Biblical style, is "owned " by G-d, and has no allegiance to man, king or Priest.
This is because he is the mouthpiece of G-d, G-d is no respecter of persons, and has no fear of man, or what man may do. Prophets have to be bold, and brave. They don’t mince words.
When a prophet forthtells an event, it has the possibility that it may be circumvented, if a punishment, it may be stopped by repentance, as with Yonah and Niniveh.
However, what a prophet “see’s”, is a different story. Niniveh was destroyed, as said “The LORD”, in the next generation, just the way Yonah foretold. But the generation of Yonah, repented, and were shown mercy.
I believe, that when a real prophet, and they are always %100 right, “sees” a vision, they have been transported forward in time to the actual event. For this to be so, then the event must happen, or else its fulfilment would not exist in the future time. If the event were to be cancelled, then it wouldn’t be possible for the Prophet to “see” it happening, for it would not exist in any space and time. There could be an alternate plain of course, in which another reality exists, maybe many realities, but that’s a it of a long shot I feel.To the Supreme Spirit, of course, all eventualities exist, and all time, past, present and future, are happeneing “now”, He is not constrained, or limited by, or in, time. Excpet for His dealings with other time bound entities, time has no meaning to the Supreme Spirit.
Thats my thought.
Lions anybody ?
Love and light to you all.

Actually, I feel both definitions are correct depending on the personality and role of the particular prophet. Perhaps later I’ll add more, but for the time being, no lions are required, just kittens, so I’ll end this post with a purring “meow”… :wink:

I love the kolbrin definition :slight_smile:

A Word To Prophets And Preachers

The true prophet is a message bearer who has heard a voice crying out across the distances. The message may not be clearly heard and perhaps conveyed with errors and distortion, but if it is the dedicated effort of a sincere man it must be of value.

Because there are many false prophets, the words of a true prophet do not lose their value. No man has ever sought to counterfeit a valueless thing. The vine is judged by the drink it produces and not be its leaves and appearance. It is the end product that matters.

The pattern of the Divine Design is marvellous and its working intricate. The threads are many and their preparation involves countless processes. The weavers are numerous, but few can visualise what magnificence completion may reveal, and none can see the uncompleted whole. Therefore, those who would show others the pattern to follow should not seek to guess at what lies beyond their own range of vision.