My Only Guides are Logic and Reason

Seriously now the truth is a very evasive thing, you may think you're reading the message with your heart and end up totally deceived or even crazy. I hold no claim of any faculties out of the ordinary, so my only weapons are logic and reason.
History is full of stories of men who think they hear GOD but instead hear their own Super Ego. The trick is discerning where it is coming from... the heart OR the head.
they haven't dropped their super ego - it still is borne by them like some people refuse to drop that old pair of tennis shoes all holey and worn or that old painted up pair of jeans from umpteen renovations that need to be burnt ... time to let it all go ...

Manuel, what faculty did you use prior to the realisation of your logic and reason? (I do hope you join this forum…)

Why can the super-ego and God not be one and the same thing?

I am assuming this post originated with something greater than what has been placed here, so I assume the super ego has some negative connotation. However, I don’t fully understand the logic behind the above examples. When I was about 8 or 9 years old my grandmother knitted me a maroon-coloured jersey. When she gave it to me it was just a little too long in the sleeves and body, but she said I would eventually grow into it. By the time my first son arrived, the jersey, very much worse for wear, was still just that little bit too long in both the sleeves and the body, and was still one of my favourite pieces of clothing. My ex-wife, in a cleaning frenzy one day, decided that I no longer needed the jersey and threw it away (she didn’t tell me, of course, but I eventually found out…). There was really no logic or reason, other than that tied up with sentimentality and memory, for me to keep the jersey. But I did. I knew, though, that there were much better jerseys out there on the market - both a lot more practical and warmer - but I still held onto that old, worn jersey. There was no reason to let go of it.

I know my story does not specifically talk to the actual post, but it does give a little understanding of my personal logic and reason behind keeping something old and worn and of seeming little value. Yet we all know that that which was once so important and essential in our lives will eventually make way for new (not always better) things. There are times when we do need to let go in order to allow new things to enter into our lives, but there are some things we don’t need to let go of.

One thing we all have to remember is that Truth, no matter how that Truth is viewed, is purely personal and differs for every single one of us - as mentioned in the Culdian teachings, Truth is many-faceted.

I agree with you, and know just what you mean…
I have found it very difficult sometimes to “let go”, of pet theories and long held beliefs that have proved later to be incorrect. Even when the truth is glaringly obvious, it can be hard.
Maybe we get comfortable, like when you wore that old jumper ( I have one too my mother knitted) and even though there are warmer, nicer things to wear, nothing seems to fit, or feel as “right”, as that old jumper, or belief.
I still cant bring myself to eat milk and meat together, or to take on paid employment on the Sabbath, or to use G-ds actual Name, even if it isn’t really the Name of the Supreme Spirit, in general talk.
I still cover my head as a matter of “habit”, and many other things that I know really, that the Supreme Spirit doesn’t care about, probably. Nevertheless, they are habits that have long defined who I am, and they make me feel safe and certain, like that feeling you had when wearing the jumper your grandma knitted.
She loved you, and knitted you that jumper out of love for you. When you wore it, like my mothers jumper, you wore her love, and it was part of you.
I think as long as we are in this human incarnation, we will be, by definition, human, and humans like to feel safe, sure and comfortable.
Many people, attend church, or Shul, while maybe not going along entirely with the teachings or precepts preached or taught within its walls. However, they “feel” right about being there.
I am transforming, slowly, but I feel surely, into a Culdian, but still dragging my past, hugging it sometimes, because at times, I need to feel safe, and all this is very new territory, and sometimes its scary.

It can actually get much more frightening than you can even imagine now. There are no caps to limits on growth within the Culdian Teachings (there are a few safeguards, however). The thing is, it is completely up to you how far you want to go, or stop when you want to stop. Sometimes you may realize a thing is possible or true, but you aren’t ready to fully explore it. So, you save that Lesson to work on later when you are equipped to deal with the challenges that Lesson brings. This takes discernment and being aware and making honest assessments of yourself to know what you’re ready to tackle. At the same time, it is easy to lie to oneself and say we aren’t ready out of laziness or cowardliness when we really should be moving forward. Constant awareness of strengths, weaknesses, and the subtle games we play with ourselves is what’s needed. And balance…

Awareness, Balance, and Control (ABC’s)…

With these you will safely move forward (not without some tests, of course), and you will always feel grounded and at home in your own skin…

Thanks Len, very encouraging, you may be younger than me, but “in the faith”, you are my big brother.

At the same time, it is easy to lie to oneself and say we aren't ready out of laziness or cowardliness when we really should be moving forward.
Hmmm. Well stated Len! I would have to add to this the words [i]lacking in self-confidence[/i].

Sha’ul; I had never looked at the jersey in such a light. Thank you. The analogy fits perfectly (no pun intended… or maybe…

As for you transforming into a Culdian? If this is indeed the case, you have always been one; just not aware of it previously. As for your past? Well, isn’t it precisely that which has made you into the man you are today? Just imagine what lies ahead for you now that you are beginning to understand a little more about the Mastery of Life - actually, for myself, I had no idea what would lay ahead for me all those years back, as my very limited imagination could certainly not conceive of the things that have happened to me to date (and the things unfolding now and in the future…).

Quite right, Lance! I don’t know how I could have failed to miss that… :o

You are too kind, Sha’ul… Big hugs to you Brother. :slight_smile:

You know guys, even though I’ve never actualy met either of you in the flesh, it feels so good to know we are on this journey together, I am in very very good company.
Blessed be the Supreme Spirit !
For His great kindness, and patience, towards me, and you.

I also feel in very good company with the members of this forum. This forum, Sha’ul, I hope will help people like us realize they aren’t alone anymore, and it will be one more tool in growth as a community. This is something many on the Soulpath lack; hopefully not for too much longer.

As for being in the flesh, many of the members here reside not far from you in New Zealand, so count yourself fortunate on that score. :wink: As for me, I plan on returning to New Zealand in time and look forward to meeting you some day… :slight_smile:

Mate, if that blue kachina turns up, you’d better get over here quick ! We’ll all meet together somewhere, build our camp, and go through whatever is coming together. At least I feel that would be the right plan.
If there are many culdians here in NZ, then why don’t we all meet up sometime.
I am looking to move my family to a small town, maybe then we could buy our own house ?
Need to find a job in a small town first !
Love and light to all !

;D ;D ;D :wink:

I totally agree with Len about those who present themselves here. It is always a boon to have those of a like mind nearby supporting one another, even if that support seems distant from time to time.

Actually, this was part of a bigger concept within the Trust a few decades back. Lindisfarne was established in Coromandel and was to be the Trust’s primary Culdian centre; it still is. From memory, the centre was designed as a beacon for seekers of truth, knowledge, spirituality, etc., (well, that was the idea prior to its establishment). Activities that were once included was the concept of sustained survival in the event of one of the many potentially devastating scenarios around at the time. In the event of a disaster of biblical-type proportion, members and their families would gravitate to Lindisfarne and begin the process of sustained survival.

Perhaps Laraine, Len and others on the Board of Trustees will look favourably on this and put the word out via this forum, the various correspondence courses being undertaken by members, and newsletters, for those interested in just such a get-together. Personally I believe many amazing things would come as a result of a get-together. Fingers crossed…

Good luck with your search for a new home.

Lance brother,
I would be very, very, interested in doing some Culdian correspondence courses.
I feel myself gravitating more and more to the Culdian spirituality, it just feels so “me”.
Not that I think it is about “me”, but it fits so well with the direction my spirituality is heading.
MY wife is also slowly opening up, and I am talking to my young kids about “G-d”, a lot more these days.
Thanks to you, the Culdians.
May the Supreme Spirit continue to bless and guide you all, and me too !

The correspondence courses will be discussed more in time as we iron out some wrinkles internally. In the meantime, there is plenty of public Culdian material to read and study. I suggest absorbing things slowly and with questions and deep study.

Too much, too fast as a group or individual leads to trouble. There is a rhythm to these stages, a pulse, or wave that one must feel and flow with naturally to secure the healthiest outcome. Push against that natural rhythm, and there will be imbalances leading to an undesired outcome.

I understand that, I will continue to read the Kolbrin, not even finished that yet, next will be Gweniva.

True spiritual enlightenment cannot be found through the written words of man alone or through reason and logic, but those are important signpost along the way. They point in the right direction and the Good Books are reliable guides along the road, but there comes a point where to find spiritual enlightenment man has to commit himself to a spiritual vehicle and be conveyed beyond the bounds of matter. The ability of any man to attain spirituality and know the truth is limited only by his steadfastness in the search and fortitude in the struggle.