New member seeking fellowship

Hey everyone,

My name is Michael Collins - I am from and reside in Los Angeles California. I would like to first lay out a little about myself to fully put forth my intentions of being here. I have spent the majority of my life challenging the status quo set forth first by Catholicism then by nationalism, constantly seeking truth in it’s naked non-human contrivance. Leaving the church willingly at the age of twelve I set myself, knowingly, on a path towards philosophical discovery against the infinite unknown. Now, happily married and at the age of thirty-two, I have developed an understanding of the universe that has served me in not only navigating the modern world but also to aid me in my further understanding of morality, virtue, consequences, and revelations of truth. I learned a long time ago that answers are only as good as your questions and have thus put the furtherance of developing better questions to the highest order as well as the methodologies of doing so. As a result of my choices, I find myself label-less and a free agent - what good this brings I believe I understand, however, it does come with consequences in that building relations with people based upon morale conviction and/or philosophical/spiritual discovery has become tenuous. Indeed, it is easy to find groups who share in political ideologies or prefers a sports team over another, however, finding those who genuinely seek to make the world a better place through investing time to develop both the modes and ideas that foster actual change has proven to be challenging. The trepidation and delicacy required for positive and healthy transformation on a global level are not virtues commonly found in average people.

Why than am I here writing this?

During my investigations of ancient cultures, histories both oral and written, had led me to the Kolbrin - mainly the story of Atlantis and the aftermath of the great floods caused by asteroidal impacts, now being proven throughout the scientific community. Needless to say I was intrigued and later discovered the Kolbrin printed by the Culdian Trust out of New Zealand. I purchased it and read through it. I was, at first, taken back by the messages conveyed in these books. I had not quite experienced, save for some eastern philosophies, ideals that so closely aligned with my general world view. This is not to say that I seek what I consider to be my attributes in other things, I was/am quite content with living my life as a loaner serving the betterment of life, but to see them so plainly laid out and so eloquently spoken… I was given hope that there are people in this world who do adhere to logic and reason and do not allow imaginary lines and taboos to impede further investigations into the mysteries. I am someone who sees boarders as new horizons to be transcended and most definitely seek others of similar dispositions to share and exchange ideas with it in the hopes to elicit positive and lasting change to our world for future generations.

I am new to these forums as well as the people here - I consider myself a highly skeptical person since I believe Catholicism was/is a cult of perverted power (as well as many other institutions both known and unknown), so I am not the kind of person who would place a label on himself or ‘join’ a group (perhaps to a fault); however, if there are others who read the words in the Kolbrin and saw in it the intentions of the authors as being those who also struggled through a world of deception and empty novelty and held fast to the goodness inherent in mankind then I must know if those people do exist and see for myself their quality.

I am here for self discovery and, most hopefully, to find lasting friendship. Please, feel free to ask me anything - my life is an open book and I most definitely like to hear any and all thoughts on what I have put forth. Thank you for your time in reading my words.

Hallo Sanjuro,
I have come recently to the Kolbrin after reading some of it released to the internet as pdf.The hard copy is a brilliant work of truth, the contents so long hidden by the roman system of control,allied with the khasarian talmudic corruption sourced from the sumarian/babylonian commercial [traffic] system still in operation today [UCC]. . It does match quite succinctly the old & new covenants of traditional scripture as written,though in much more clarity, as scripture is veiled both by corruption and design,though all is present there when one knows where to look.
Did you also read a copy of Kailedy?
There are many folk as yourself realizing their true heritage in Spirit as we seem to be at the time of times and a half given in revelation. For another perspective of the knowledge in this vein of truth try some research at the ‘Divine Mind Group’ web site. There are many mp3 sessions to listen to there, also 300+ sessions on their ‘talkshoe’ [Talkshoe DMG, Pin 83169] live chat recordings.
I trust this may lead you to many that share your views.
I am on the east coast of australia an hours drive to the nearest town, and have been on this journey of remembering for many years.

Hi Michael, and welcome to the Forums!

By your introduction, as one who constantly seeks for deeper Truth in ethics, history, spirituality, etc. and who questions the status quo, you seem very much like a fellow traveler. Many come here looking for answers, and when they have found them, move on. A lifetime commitment to Truth, and a lifetime commitment to the perfecting of the Soul, and the world at large, is something more rare. This is perhaps one reason there are so few Culdians, and so few regular posters here. There is an ancient current of Western esoteric spirituality that survives to this day. The keepers of these traditions are, unfortunately, mostly underground due to both persecutions of the past as well as for the need to transmit these traditions to the responsible and dedicated so that they do not become watered down, perverted, abused, or harmful. For those that find them, and are dedicated, these (Western) traditions are more appropriate, as opposed to Eastern Teachings, for those with a Western cultural background.

As you stay and post here, prepare to both learn and teach, to challenge and be challenged. (For starters, as many negative things I could criticize Catholicism, Nationalism, and ‘group labels’ for, I could also argue corresponding positives. Feel free to post new topics on each of these things and more, and we might broaden each others’ horizons through some dialogue and debate.)

I might suggest you read over the various subjects and threads on this forum aligning to your interest, and add questions or comments where appropriate. Doing so will give you a good feel of the atmosphere and community we are trying to create here. And likewise, if you have any questions for me, personal or otherwise, feel free to post or PM. We’re most happy to assist with any specific endeavor you are undertaking. Same goes for you, psydellix! :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,
I’ve just joined myself, literally a few minutes ago. I stumbled across the Kolbrin via someone’s Facebook post and was blown away.
It certainly hit a nerve in a good way, so I just running with it.
Great to meet you and hope to share information and chats.
Take Care