New Teachings Online

We are happy to announce that the first Teachings to share with those of you interested in such things are the first three parts of the first “Book of Gwineva” and the booklet entitled “An Introduction to Spirituality”.

“An Introduction to Spirituality” can be found by clicking on the title of the booklet in this post and can be read by anyone. “The Book of Gwineva” may only be read by registered members here, and you must be logged in on the main site to view it.

Please enjoy the reading here, and don’t be shy about discussing your thoughts about these and other matters right here on the Culdian Forums.

:slight_smile: Very excited to have these available. Thank you for all the hard work.

You’re most welcome, Diane. A whole lot more is coming as well. When we put up the next batch, we will take what is currently viewable down, and over time we will have a rotation of Teachings people can read and discuss all together at once.

We’ll also let you know when these will be ready for sale via e-readers, as well as American distribution info once it is sorted. Stay tuned, and let know your thoughts on what you’ve read with the group here.

For this month we are putting up the last two parts of the first “Book of Gwineva” and the Booklet called “Life and Death”.

“An Introduction to Spirituality” and the first three parts of the “Book of Gwineva” will still be up for another month.

Non-registered guests will be able to access “An Introduction to Spirituality” and the last two parts of the “Book of Gwineva”, and registered members will be able to view the entire “Book of Gwineva” and “Life and Death”.

Please enjoy, and we hope to see you here as well as at the forums!

Just added “The Manual for Metaphysical Self Defense”. The previous publications are still available, but some may come down shortly. Enjoy, and discuss!

Thanks Len, need to get into these asap.

We have two new booklets for you to read online at your leisure. A Culdian’s Thoughts on the Bible is a very short booklet that just begins to touch on theological issues relating to the Bible, and is available for all members and visitors. Reconciliation is the true story of a Culdian’s struggle with present day Christianity, followed by a revelatory experience which had the effect of ‘reconciling’ certain theological differences between Culdian and mainstream Christian thought. Reconciliation is available to read free of all registered members of the website.

The Book of Gwineva has just been taken down, but is still available to purchase through our store.

To keep up with what is available, simply click on the Teachings tab of the main website or visit the News and Announcements section of the Forums.

Also, please watch your inbox as we shall have E-book versions of our publications for sale for you to read on your favorite E-reader, computer, tablet, or smartphone. An expanded E-newsletter is also in the works for your interest.

This month we have added the second Book of Gwineva, a follow up and expansion of the first. This is available to all registered, logged in members of the website by clicking on the link above (after logging onto the website).

Also added is Challenge of the Cults, an informational booklet concerning the topic of the title, and how you may deal with this problem before it begins in your own families and communities.

Life and Death has been taken down for now, but you will be able to read this and other Teachings for sale and for free in the near future.

To keep up with what is available, simply click on the Teachings tab of the main website.