Of Old Secrets and the Jews

Regarding the jews:

“Still another nation was made out of slaves and they lit a lamp from the Eternal Flame which belongs to all men. Because they had no veil over their light they were blinded and thought it the only light. They became arrogant and called themselves ‘The Chosen of God’. But it was they who made the choice not He. Though their god was a god above Earth and their god, he was not the God of Mankind, and though he serves The Supreme Spirit he is not The Supreme Spirit.”

Also regarding the Jews see Sigmund Freud’s final book, “Moses and Monotheism”, a dark and riveting psychological and spiritual historical analysis of the Jews, written by a Jew. There is really no other book Freud wrote quite like it.

And while there is a truly divine presence in some of the OT, it is overshadowed by another power, as Freud alludes to, and the Kolbrin states openly. Not the Gnostic Demiurge as the Gnostics concieved the Demiurge, but something very similar…

A word of warning: the above subject matter is not to be contemplated upon lightly. The effects of introducing this subject matter into your consciousness creates a resonating frequency between yourself and the spiritual forces in question. For those not properly prepared or protected, you are risking yourself to dangerous and potentially damaging forces. The merely curious should NOT consider these matters.

What exactly are you referring to?

The Kolbrin tells us that in the beginning on the Gardenland where the whole Adam and Eve story took place there were:

"The Tree of Life, which was called Glasir, having leaves of gold and copper, was within the Sacred Enclosure. There, too, was the Great Tree of Wisdom bearing the fruits of knowledge granting the choice and ability to know the true from the false. It is the same tree which can be read as men read a book. There also was the Tree of Trespass beneath which grew the Lotus of Rapture, and in the centre was The Place of Power where God made His presence known. "

This supposedly took place in an immemorial ancient time yet we’re told that there was a place of power were God made himself known.

Fast forward to ancient Egypt and the Kolbrin tells us that:

“Now the great house of the hidden places stands in Kahemu. It is built to last forever and stands up strongly towards heaven, high above the heads of men. It is covered with white stones, the white stone of Rehakom was cut for it, and above it is topped with copper. It is not the copper of men, but the copper of God.”

We know via the Kolbrin that the Pyramids were the initiation place for the Twice Born who made contact with the higher realms to become enlightened.

Also it says that after the passing of the Destroyer:

“The stone of Light and the firestone were stolen in the days of disaster and none now knows their resting place, therefore the land is empty.”

We’ve read before that while being slaves in Egypt the Hebrews stumbled upon a light which blinded them. We know per the Bible that the Hebrews left Egypt with the Ark of the Covenant and with it they could communicate with Yahweh. We also know that while they were in possession of this artifact they were able to sustain their civilization but when this was lost that ended as well as their capacity to summon the Yahweh entity.

I think furthermore that Yahweh was some Entity from the realms beyond which the Hebrews contacted through some sort of very ancient artifact which was safeguarded for generations and this entity used them for its own agenda. I do not think this entity was wholly benign, but as everything in this universe its actions were included in the Grand Design.

I am referring to the actual spiritual Principalities responsible for the corruption of General Religion, and the history of how these forces took effect on a metaphysical level.

Consider these matters at your own risk.

There are more instances in the Kolbrin which describe these ancient artifacts and their importance and power:

"“Is this not a Sacred Thing, a heritage saved and handed down from the days when men walked with Me? Therefore, it is a good thing, though care must be taken to ensure it is not disclosed to the eyes of profane men. The concoctions which, when properly compounded, will enable men to span the spheres can also, used otherwise, give men near unlimited potency and extreme pleasure with womankind. Therefore, such things must be carefully safeguarded, for in the hands of lesser men they will certainly be abused.”


“Hiram dwelt long in Egypt and absorbed its wisdom, but the thing which delighted his heart the most was the tale of its long-hidden treasures. He learnt about the nest-burning bird whose wondrous many-hued egg granted men the gift of eternal life. He heard about the serpent pearls and the bright jewels which glowed with the light of the sun even on the darkest night. All these things he desired to possess for himself.”

With certain groups they are safeguarded, with others abused. But none of the things just mentioned are public knowledge, nor should they be.

Clearly the Egyptians possessed some technology from some more ancient and advanced civilization/s:

"In Ramakui there was a great city with roads and waterways, and the fields were bounded with walls of stone and channels. In the centre of the land was the great flat-topped Mountain of God.

The city had walls of stone and was decorated with stones of red and black, white shells and feathers. There were heavy green stones in the land and stones patterned in green, black and brown. There were stones of saka, which men cut for ornaments, stones which became molten for cunning work.

They built walls of black glass and bound them with glass by fire. They used strange fire from the Netherworld which was but slightly separated from them, and foul air from the breath of the damned rose in their midst.

They made eye reflectors of glass stone, which cured the ills of men. They purified men with strange metal and purged them of evil spirits in flowing fire."

We’ve merely degenerated through time, knowledge followed a path of regression instead of evolution.

The Old Testament tales have been strongly embedded in the collective Western psyche but they appear to me merely as distortions and simplifications. The Jews in the know are conscious of the actual events that happened in ancient times, and having safeguarded that knowledge in a more pure state they have wielded much power throughout the millennia.

The parables of Jesus are “distortions and simplifications” of a similar manner.

In certain respects we have certainly regressed. In other respects, believe it or not, we have progressed.

Just a point, The Hebrews never had the ark as they left Egypt, or Mitzrayim, as it is in Hebrew. They are instructed with very detailed plans on how to build the “Ark”, or Mizbae’ach , in Hebrew, later on, after Moshe was on the Mt for 40 days, interacting with Yahweh, or Enki, as the case may be. It is said to have contained the second set of Tablets with the 10 Mitzvot, or cammands, Aarons rod, that budded, and a sample of the Ma’nah , Hebrew for "what is it ? ".
It had other powers too, which is what makes the gold clad box so interesting.

Could the Ark have also been a transceiver? Just a thought.

Could have been mate, easily.
Maybe it was something the Anunnaki left behind in Ur, or maybe they found it at Baalbek , or in Egypt under the Sphinx ?
Whatever it was, and is, it was not of this world.
Actualy, the “Ark”, was just the box, its what was inside that gave it its power. Maybe there was more in the box than the three things stated ?
Guess we’ll find out when they build the 3rd Temple huh ?

I have heard the Anunnaki were defeated here on Earth. Could the Ark be more a defensive/offensive weapon used in their defeat and during other times of humanity’s greatest needs (before and after)?

Could perhaps the Mercy Seat be merely a psychotronic device capable of attuning an individual to the frequencies of the 3 objects whilst the vessel (the Ark) was the intermediary that connected the seat and the contents with the express purpose of interdimensional communication and/or cooperation in generating the necessary frequencies to eradicate the Anunnaki and other dangers to the planet as and when needed?

Why would they want to eradicate the Anunnaki, when it is quite possible that the G-d of Israel, is one of them ?
I think it was a coms device, psychotronic, perhaps. but yours is a pretty cool suggestion.

I have read and heard the Annunaki were no friend to the inhabitants of Earth throughout the duration of their stay here. I understand, too, the Egyptian pantheon were possibly Annunaki.

I had no idea, Sha’ul, there was any connection between the Jewish God and the Annunaki. An interesting yet plausible concept. Thank you.

Officialy, there probably isn’t a connection, but, I think that it is quite possible. If my wife knew I think along those lines, boy would she freak out !
Amyhow, its pretty scary, even for me, but its really the only conclusion I can come to after much much study and deliberation, it just makes sense.
Avraham came from Ur, in Sumeria, , the customs he passed down, that were carried on thru to Ya’akov’s children, were to emulate the Anunnaki, in lots of ways. I think Enki, may well have been the G-d of Israel, and that he chose that genetic line to “bless”, because they were from his own loins.
For this hypothesis, it is early days, but it is formulating, and I need imput from others about it.
I think we earthlings, do have some kind of connection to the Creator of all, but I think that the G-ds we have here on Earth, are NOT that being.