Old Meets New

Belated wishes to each of you after the holidays and New Year! A new year means a fresh beginning in a timeless cycle. This month, we have several beginnings to share with you; some new, some old, some timeless in reflection of the Cycle of Life itself.

As to new rotational Teachings, first on the agenda is The Book of Gwineva. This was the very first book to be put out by the Culdians, and it represents our group’s first experience into a much wider spiritual world. One could say Gwineva herself, being our first contact with a much more developed otherworldly being, is the unofficial patron of the Culdian Trust, and her communications in this book represent much of the core foundation of our movement and organization. More than this, however, her Teachings alone are enough to cover the depth and breadth for any individual, family, or new group wishing to lay a foundation for greater ethical and spiritual practice.

This is an important point. One must have a solid and worthwhile foundation to build any meaningful structure, and there are few that can equal the Teachings of Gwineva in the realm of Spirituality. More than this, Gwineva’s Teachings speak to modern problems in today’s society. Too often, we look to ancient Teachers speaking to a society we cannot relate to. Gwineva bridges this gap by directly confronting modern problems, and how they may be remedied in our personal lives from a perspective of timeless wisdom.

The Book of Gwineva is presently being offered free to read for all logged in website members, and Parts I & II are available for anyone visiting the site.

The second selection from our Teachings, available free to read for all, speaks comprehensively on the subject of its own title: Reincarnation. This booklet deals with the logical, scientific, and theological proofs and scope of the subject of reincarnation. As the Circle of Life completes itself, as a senior lies on his deathbed awaiting transition to a newborn babe, we find old meeting new in our own lives.

Lastly, we have to share one of the latter, and also relatively younger, wisdom books from the Kolbrin, The Book of Lucius. Lucius is one of the most refined and enlightened characters in the entire Kolbrin, and the entire book is a recording of his Teachings. This book is not for the average dabbler, or one seeking a more elementary or intermediate instruction. These are deep metaphysical Teachings meant for those seeking to pierce the veil between the seen and unseen. It is for those called to become ‘Masters of Life’, for those consciously on the Soulpath, for those Journeying to find direct connection with the Higher Sources of Existence. For those ready to take the next step, The Book of Lucius is available free to read for all logged in members of the website.

All of these works may be purchased for you to keep from our Store, but are available for you to read now, for free! Until next time…