Origins, Destiny, and Leadership

We’d like to warmly welcome those of you who have recently registered, and hope that your experience on the website and forums have been educational and uplifting. Periodically we rotate a sampling of our written Teachings shared freely on the website, and we inform our members, through emails like this when we do.

For new members, we recommend reading An Introduction to Spirituality, which is always shared freely on the website to help Seekers clarify the path they are searching for; laying beyond and at the heart of the founding of all Religion. Those of you disillusioned with deadened ritual backed by dogma whose meaning has been long forgotten are ready to tap into and drink in the source of what founded these ancient edifices. This source is not simply what solidified into religion, but is the source of all life and meaning itself. It is the source of each of us, the world itself, and where we come from. It is Spirituality. Seekers requiring deeper answers need at least a basic introduction into what this means, and this booklet attempts to provide such. Feel free to read directly from the website or download it free from our Store.

Those of you questioning who we are should read the various sections in the About section (start with the About link, and hover your cursor over that tab for a list of different sections here), or may alternately download the Introduction to the Culdians booklet in the Store, also offered free of charge. This may help some of you understand our values, goals, and history. And if there’s any confusion on any of those points, feel free to email us at or post your questions and comments on the forums.

For this rotation, we will be taking everything from last time down except The Book of Creation from the Kolbrin. We are leaving this up for readers to compare it to The Book of Origins, added this month as a free read for all members and visitors. The comparison is an interesting one for both students of spirituality and history, as The Book of Creation is told from an ancient Egyptian perspective, whilst The Book of Origins is told from an ancient British perspective. Questions and thoughts on these comparative viewpoints on origins are welcome on the forums. Both are available to read free for members and visitors.

Also added this month is a booklet entitled Karma, Fate & Destiny. It is an excellent tie in to An Introduction to Spirituality in attempting to understand our life’s purpose here within the context of a Soul’s evolution through many lifetimes. This booklet begins to give answers and make sense of things in life that don’t seem fair, showing order and justice from a broader context, while also explaining the difference between fate and destiny. This is designed as a personal work, to give personal answers. Karma, Fate & Destiny is available free to read for all logged in members of the website.

As time passes, however, the Seeker realizes they can only grow amongst others with similar goals and ethics. That doesn’t mean you have to become a Culdian or live in New Zealand, but it does mean that you begin to foster the attributes of leadership in your own communities and seek out forming or finding your own groups locally. The booklet, Psychology of Group Leadership, helps you to do exactly this, available free to read for all logged in members of the website.

Psychology of Group Leadership, is certainly the most politically oriented of our various Booklets, and therefore not without a certain amount of controversy affecting knee-jerk ideological reactions. However, the political philosophy presented herein is not analogous to the constant propaganda fed to us on the 24 hour cable news stations that are strung along by the superficial and often misinformed politicians in Washington, Brussels, London, or Wellington. It is not even presented from the political dichotomy of Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, Tory or Labour.

No, this Booklet not only goes deeper than those misleading labels, but places each reader of the Booklet as a responsible participant in the political process, or more accurately stated, group process. It elaborates on the necessities which make for healthy or sick social units, which allow for groups of all kinds to thrive, stagnate, or fail. These necessities relate to basic, but universal, psychological laws inherent among individuals in group social dynamics.

Most importantly, this Booklet stresses the importance of creating and growing healthy groups and communities by understanding what is required in leadership, and even how to be an effective leader through self analysis and continued personal Self Mastery, while finding a healthy balance between individual goals and group goals.

If you currently belong to any groups or community organizations, this information will improve and grow what you have, should you put forth the effort into putting into action its proven advice. If you do not belong to a group, this Booklet will help to distill and improve your inherent leadership qualities while showing what is necessary to begin and grow your own group from a healthy core onwards.

Psychology of Group Leadership is best read with The Problem of Relationships (available in our Store), An Introduction to Spirituality (mentioned above and also available to read for free online), and Teachings of Celestina (available for purchase in our Store).

We hope you enjoy this month’s selection, and look forward to any comments or questions through email or the forums.