People mock me for loving the Kolbrin

Today must be the Kolbrin day, someone on a net forum just laughed at me for my Kolbrin interests and linked this

If I got a dime every time this has happened…

Timely comment, consider this your persecution, Manuel. Not too bad though considering what our ancestors dealt with…

This is nothing, what really hurts it's when they compare it to that Urantia book :-\

The only comparison is both lack documented provenance and contain subjects of a spiritual nature. The quality doesn’t compare, clearly. But one thing Urantia does have going for it, is that it actually has a Wiki page…LOL…sorry, gotta make light of a ridiculous situation.

Come on Leonard, hand me those Bronze plates LOL sorry it's just been a long time :P

Didn’t I tell you that the Angel Moroni took the plates away after we finished transcribing them? :slight_smile:

That pesky Moroni...sigh....

I think we’re not giving too much of a good publicity to the Kolbrin right now. Folks from the group, please note we’re just joking right now. Moroni didn’t take the plates, they’re stored in the Vatican, that’s why …eerr…we can’t show them to you :stuck_out_tongue:

All joking aside, the plates haven’t been seen by anyone affiliated with us living in the past century.