piercing the veil

Dear forum members,

it was only recently that i stumbled across the Kolbrin.
While reading, I recognised that it contains knowledge of
events which can and have come about in the human mind.
This knowledge lends the Kolbrin some credibility and it is
also the very foundation of the culdian trust as i have come to understand.
Since i find it to be a great foundation for a network of like-minded people i wonder,
if i have come to the right place?

Yours truly


On behalf of the other members here, I’d like to extend a most courteous and warm welcome to these forums!

You mention here in your first post that the Kolbrin contains many elements of an inner, “mental” nature. These elements transcend the specific, historical frame of the book and give it the most practical relevance to people living today, or those living in any age for that matter. In this observation, you are able to see the “forest for the trees”. This is why the compilers went to such a painstaking effort in its reconstruction, and why the Culdian Trust published it in the first place. If the Kolbrin was just historical curiosities for the tinkerer and scholar, it would have never been modernized nor published. It continues to be published as a labor of love for the practical benefit of the conscious individual in aid to his, and society’s, advancement.

This is not to say that the Kolbrin is the foundation of the Culdian Trust, yet it does have an important place in our corpus of Teachings. The Kolbrin was not given to us until the 1990’s, yet the Culdian Trust was founded earlier in 1980 when a group of spiritual and metaphysical enthusiasts was contacted by the much enlightened, non-corporeal being, Gwineva. Her first Teachings are what coalesced this original group into the first Culdians of the modern age. These Teachings are recorded in the first ‘Book of Gwineva’. Much has transpired since. Other advanced, non-corporeal beings, have been communicated with in the intervening years, revelations have been had, studies have been made, modern Teachings by specialized Culdians produced, courses and lectures given, and of course, the Kolbrin has been entrusted to us by those aware of our activities, goals, and values.

Any or all of our public material may be used as a foundation to form a group, or network with others of a like mind. This is a wished for intention of the Culdian Trust. We are aware that forming groups in isolated and far reaching locations can be difficult for a lone individual. One of the main purposes of these forums is to network and give moral support for individuals looking to create their own independent groups within their own communities. And if this is what you mean in your understanding of networking and your question about whether you’ve come to the right place, the answer is a most emphatic, YES!

Again, welcome! :slight_smile:

Hey sometimes you just gotta ride the lightening 8)

Welcome to the forum Joshua. You’ll find some pretty cool stuff in here.

Any or all of our public material may be used as a foundation to form a group, or network with others of a like mind. This is a wished for intention of the Culdian Trust.
Could you explain more about this please Len.

And this, too:

One of the main purposes of these forums is to network and give moral support for individuals looking to create their own independent groups within their own communities.

Hi Len, Lance and all other active and passive members.
So far i very much enjoyed following your discussions here.
You guys have been quite active and i want to try to drop in more often in the future.
A very cool and interesting forum indeed!

As for the group forming part, i was wondering about that intention, too.
I am able to relate to the urge to stimulate more awareness of what is and try to do so
wherever i can, but I never did it under the banner of a certain religion or book, as
this would certainly just contribute to limitation.
Yet i do not dismiss books like the bible, the upanishads or the kolbrin as obsolete.
They give me stability in times of doubt.
But there is a lot of mystification going on and this is not what is needed.
After all, there is no need to read these books when one wants to experience something
more tangible.
The intention of leadership better be pointed inward rather than outward i guess.
But when you say Len, that guidance should be given as an act of love and for practical
benefit, then i am with you.


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Please excuse it

This is a big subject, Lance, and probably one that deserves its own thread topic. As far as networking and group building are concerned, you among all Culdians are probably the most expert and proficient! I have to defer to your experience and expertise on this subject, and you, much more so than me, are better qualified to speak or write on the subject.

It might be better to ask a more specific question or come at it from a particular angle rather than tackle the whole subject in one go. Otherwise, I might end up writing a book for a post! I’d love to dialogue back and forth with you on this to give the other forum members here some ideas about what is possible!

I’m glad you like it, and I for one hope you stick around, as I’m sure you have much to offer! :slight_smile:

The thing is, one must have a statement of purposes, a charter, a book, or limited subject(s) of interest (or leader… this last being more fleeting in the long run…) in which to form a group around. If one refuses to make such agreed upon declarations in which to rally around, there is no focus, no identity, no cohesion, no mutual interest among members, and in fact, no identifiable reason why the group should exist in the first place! Then, we are back to square one, where the solitary Seeker sits alone with no culture or society for support or mutual growth.

I think we must learn from the mistakes of archaic religions and failed organizations, study and apply the virtues of successful ones, and do our best together. Piquing interest and asking questions in passing has its place, but long term, serious growth lies in group or community cohesion. Part of the fundamental nature of humanity lies in society. We are a group, or social species, and spirituality is not an exception to this aspect of our nature.

I agree that the mystification is not needed. Try to keep in mind, however, that people living in less civilized times and places had to put into words spiritual concepts and experiences that were very difficult to explain. I think if you understand these books in those contexts, you may better relate to what they were trying to communicate. If you read the Culdian Channeled Works or other of our Booklets, you will find the same concepts put in a more modern, down to Earth manner. This will clear up a lot of the mystification and baggage surrounding ancient lifestyles and modes of thinking in relation to our own.

As far as those wanting to “experience something more tangible”, well, we are on the same page here, and much of our material and practices are devoted to just this very thing! :wink:

For the most part, the best leaders are those who act in a position of loving and practical guidance, and develop qualities in which a group respects and trusts. But yes, one must be proficient at leading oneself before anyone else. And even then, such a leader would do better to guide those listening towards becoming leaders themselves, rather than forever being dependent on another…

These days, it can be a delicate subject, where a democratic spirit of equality in society recognizes no higher authority or experience in others, and lots of individual egos get in the way of listening and good sense, and one also finds a lot of bad, untrustworthy leaders. Good discernment can go a long way here…