Practical Spirituality Made Manifest

We’d like to warmly welcome those of you who have recently registered, and hope that your experience on the website and forums have been educational and uplifting. Periodically we rotate a sampling of our written Teachings shared freely on the website, and we inform our members, through emails like this when we do.

For new members, we recommend reading An Introduction to Spirituality, which is always shared freely on the website to help Seekers clarify the path they are searching for; laying beyond and at the heart of the founding of all Religion. Those of you disillusioned with deadened ritual backed by dogma whose meaning has been long forgotten are ready to tap into and drink in the source of what founded these ancient edifices. This source is not simply what solidified into religion, but is the source of all life and meaning itself. It is the source of each of us, the world itself, and where we come from. It is Spirituality. Seekers requiring deeper answers need at least a basic introduction into what this means, and this booklet attempts to provide such. Feel free to read directly from the website or download it free from our Store.

Those of you questioning who we are should read the various sections in the About section (start with the About link, and hover your cursor over that tab for a list of different sections here), or may alternately download the Introduction to the Culdians booklet in the Store, also offered free of charge. This may help some of you understand our values, goals, and history. And if there’s any confusion on any of those points, feel free to email us at or post your questions and comments on the forums.

Everything in our rotational release from last time is coming down, but if any of you were caught reading these items and got cut off, they will be available in a future rotational release for free, and they are always available in our Store.

This month’s release deals with practical matters in terms of not only how to live a more balanced and fulfilled daily life, but in how, once better balanced in daily life, one may personally connect to the higher realms of Spirit. An unbalanced mundane life leads to delusion and sickness for those seeking spiritual attainment, therefore it is right and necessary to understand and master Earthly moral virtue as a preliminary.

To this end, we begin this month’s selections with The Book of the Silver Bough from the Kolbrin. This is a no nonsense book of personal instruction from one of the wisest prophets of the Kolbrin, one known to us as Elidor. Elidor reveals difficult Truths we tend to hide from ourselves, and it is necessary for those of us looking to better ourselves to weed out the comforting lies and diseased growths that are all too often allowed to manifest, covered up, within. As eyes that struggle and strain when exposed to a light spent too long in darkness, so do Elidor’s words awaken lost senses, revealing and aiding in burning away untended malformities. It is a sobering and necessary read for any desiring furtherance on the Path of Mastery. The Book of the Silver Bough is available free to read for all members and visitors.

Next up, we have the third book in our trilogy of Channeled Teachings, Wisdom from Rowena, free to read on the website for all logged in Website Members. Like its predecessors, Gwineva and Celestina, Rowena deals with the upliftment of mankind through personal, familial, and communal responsibility. While there is a subtle context of cosmology and spiritual hierarchy, Rowena’s style is much more action based, what you can do to make the world a better place and personally reach the stars.

From the Foreword of Rowena: "It is a book about love and relationships, about caring and responsibility, but these are presented in an unorthodox and enlightening manner. The intention is to make the reader think, analyse and then judge for himself…

This book is for people who have questions to which they have not been given answers, or who are not satisfied with those they have been given. It is of particular interest to parents who have the responsibilities and increasingly difficult problems of raising a family in today’s society. It is for thinking people who can no longer tolerate the unnecessary burdens of theological prohibitions and who are able to understand a spirituality which transcends the narrow perspectives of orthodox religious thought.

Above all, it is a book which, when read, says; “What are you going to do about it?” So it cannot be read quickly and then put aside."

Having focused on and keeping in mind personal and mundane purification, now comes the step of practical esoteric training, for those who would choose to go here. The booklet offered addressing this step in this release is Keltic Meditation. This is a practical instructional booklet that will show you how to meditate in the traditional Western style, as opposed to the more commonly known Eastern style. This booklet contains a number of meditations and exercises, as well as supplementary information, that you can use right away. This type of meditation is an active one, which can act as a starting point for personal experience with Higher Realms and the actualities of the Soul-Spirit. Keltic Meditation is presently available free to all logged in Website Members.

(As an adjunct to this booklet, the Culdian Trust offers an alternative, audio guided meditation under the same name. The audio meditation is a different one than what is presented in the booklet, but both are highly useful for those seeking practical esoteric instruction. That guided meditation may be purchased here: )

Last, but not least, is a second offering from the Kolbrin, The Book of Scrolls. This book offers many things, but the instruction given is done so from a sublime perspective. It recommended that those who are following the instruction in Keltic Meditation read one of the scrolls before meditation to contemplate on before practice. This will attune you on further lessons on the same subject matter to be gained internally during meditation. In actuality, the greatest wisdom one can receive is not from any book or from another’s words. The greatest, most penetrating wisdom, comes from experience and from what the Spirit teaches within. Singular topics from The Book of Scrolls as a primer before meditation help to take one to this next level of instruction. Even if one is not yet prepared for esoteric practice or meditation, contemplating silently on the lessons of this book is a good initial step in that direction. Certain things are particularly good aids to spiritual attunement, and The Book of Scrolls is one of them. It is presently available free to read for all members and visitors.

That wraps things up for this installment. If you have any further questions about any of these topics, or are looking for a wider fellowship of kindred souls, please feel free to join us on the forums, or write us privately at