Prerequisites for Spiritual Revelation

I think a good measure to know if you're actually ready for any kind of spiritual revelation is to read Morals and Precepts in its entirety, and if you feel sort of sick in your stomach afterwards then you're just not ready

Oh man, I feel crook just thinking about it…not ready I guess.

I know you have had spiritual revelations, Sha’ul, and so has Manuel. Morals and Precepts allows these revelations to come with control, and allow them to ‘stick’. Don’t necessarily expect you will reach moral perfection on Earth, but demand its attainment anyway, constantly demanding improvement with an eye on all your weaknesses. As this improves, so does the clarity, quality, and control of ‘revelation’, among other things

Back when I used to reads the Bible, I used to pray that G-d would “Open my eyes, ears, heart mind, subconscious and will to His truth, not man’s, but His”, and I believe that it worked. I am wishing, maybe not praying, the same thing when I read the Kolbrin. I believe one has to submit oneself willingly to such scripture, to allow it to do its work while you read. Like a woman taking off makeup before gaining an honest evaluation of herself in front of a mirror, "Mirror, mirror on the wall ".
One of my favourite sayings was this , “It is not for man to interpret the Bible, but for the Bible to interpret man”. I belive this about the Kolbrin also. We must allow any scripture the space to work, we must, I must, allow the Supreme Spirit, the will, my will to enlighten, teach, guide and reprimand me, as He needs too.
Submission of the will to truth ?
Huh !, maybe that’s got something to do with Avraham circumscising himself !!! an act of will, to allow himself to be changed ??? Is that it, by curcumscision, do we submit our physicality to metaphysical guidance or growth ?
Sorry, I know its the wrong thread, but it just popped into my head as I was thinking about this.
Love and light brother.

Bingo! One must strike a balance while opening themselves to the potential for any Truth.

Absorb it completely with the mind, heart and soul, listen closely to your heart to distinguish (feel) darkness or falsehood, and then begin intellectual testing… Use your entire being to find, absorb, and discriminate truth from falsehood. Once found, however difficult or painful, submit and accept it completely.

(But also know that the language and perspectives surrounding particular truths create confusion and misunderstandings… Therefore, learn the Language of Truth running through all the various religions, races, tribes, philosophies, and personalities. This is a Golden Thread connecting all.)

Yes, yes, yes !
I open myself, I submit myself.
I surrender to truth.