Psychology of Group Leadership

This month’s free publication, Psychology of Group Leadership, is certainly the most politically oriented of our various Booklets, and therefore not without a certain amount of controversy affecting knee-jerk ideological reactions. However, the political philosophy presented herein is not analogous to the constant propaganda fed to us on the 24 hour cable news stations that are strung along by the superficial and often misinformed politicians in Washington, Brussels, London, or Wellington. It is not even presented from the political dichotomy of Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, Tory or Labour.

No, this Booklet not only goes deeper than those misleading labels, but places each reader of the Booklet as a responsible participant in the political process, or more accurately stated, group process. It elaborates on the necessities which make for healthy or sick social units, that allow for groups of all kinds to thrive, stagnate, or fail. These necessities relate to basic, but universal, psychological laws inherent among individuals in group social dynamics.

Most importantly, this Booklet stresses the importance of creating and growing healthy groups and communities by understanding what is required in leadership, and even how to be an effective leader through self analysis and continued personal Self Mastery, while finding a healthy balance between individual goals and group goals.

If you currently belong to any groups or community organizations, this information will improve and grow what you have, should you put forth the effort into putting into action its proven advice. If you do not belong to a group, this Booklet will help to distill and improve your inherent leadership qualities while showing what is necessary to begin and grow your own group from a healthy core onwards.

Psychology of Group Leadership is best read with The Problem of Relationships (which will be kept online free one more moth for this purpose), Introduction to Spirituality (also available to read for free online), and Teachings of Celestina (available for purchase in our Store).