Random nonsense aka Social Studies

Ok i got put in the naughty corner recently for posting something totally off-topic and random so i figured i would open a topic for random off-topic, assumptive, speculative discussion. Such as this, a fact that as a child we are in some way unaware, unable to connect certain truths that are available or in the case of an animal it is simply impossible for the animal to comprehend that it is in a pub for example or why it is in a pub. But in this semblance of awareness, this coming to know and with interaction coming to be, is, in its gathering of forms, this urge for logos and its eminent ethos is our, through its throngs and pangs, foundation, however turbulent it may be. The man who wrote to build your house upon stone did not see the stones rise and fall. More over it is that desire for logos and ethos that is our blanket against the fearful nature that besets us.