Reincarnation and Keltic Meditation

This month, we have two special booklets to share with you. The first is Reincarnation, which deals with the logical, scientific, and theological proofs and scope of the subject of reincarnation.

The second booklet added this month is Keltic Meditation. This is a practical instructional booklet that will show you how to meditate in the traditional Western style, as opposed to the more commonly known Eastern style. This booklet contains a number of meditations and exercises, as well as supplementary information, that you can use right away.

With growing membership, comes growing dialogue, information, and wonderful people on the forum. If you haven’t done so yet, stop by and say hi. We are a group that loves to both learn and teach, and there is no doubt you have something special we can all benefit from.

*Note- The Manual for Metaphysical Self-Defense has been taken down for now… but shall return. :wink:

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Excellent !
Can’t wait to read both !
Thanks for your hard work Len.

Reincarnation was even better than expected. Never doubted it, didn’t need to be convinced. The e-booklet was packed full of good informative information. “Questing companions seeking…” I do have moments where I feel like I’m the only one seeking answers and others here are all comfy knowing or believing they already have them. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I’m speaking about the historical part of this problem. Much here is centered on bettering ones self spiritually. That’s of course so, so, so very important, and I work on myself every moment of the day, but you can’t do that living a lie.

Eventually you’ll hit a wall and bounce right back down because you missed a major turn in the road. I believe that the way to turn the tide and to awaken those that are still very much asleep in the dogma is to unscramble the lie. Find out what really happened. Find the who, what, where, when, how and why as best we can. Awaken others to even the possibility that what they have believed and been told is not the truth. But you must do it with facts they can wrap their heads around. Ignite the spark, steer the ship. Turn it out of the maelstrom and toward clear skies and open seas! You can’t just say, “hey guys, the church missed the part on reincarnation”…so lets’ fix it. People will want to know the who, what, why when and where that happened.

To remain silent while knowing certain historical facts to me one of the worst things you can do. You become part of the problem. And then too, if you don’t know them, it’s time to try and find out. There’s been times when I know I could really hurt someone by blurting something I know about without thinking in advance of exactly what level they’re at. Not what I mean anyone should do. I also don’t mean constantly badgering people and using name calling and intimidation tactics against people. I know someone who does exactly that, and will swear up and down they are one of the most enlightened, even illuminated individuals you will ever meet. Yeah, ok… that picture doesn’t need any explanation. Not exactly the right way to reach peoples hearts and minds. It’s very negative, and telling about the true nature of the individual doing it.

I’ve thought many times about how I wish I could know for certain who I was, what I was before, how I learned certain lessons. Now I giggle at that thought. Would I really need to rehash that? Knowing just how much I love history you would think that’s the first thing on my to do list. I think once you know who you are, and what you are, and what you stand for now, not yesterday, not 100 years ago…but right now, it’s very easy to see just how you got there by looking outside of yourself at what others are going through. You can see the lessons that you’ve learned in those people that haven’t learned them yet. It doesn’t make you any better or worse a person, but it can open a door for you to help show someone the way. Best way is to just be an example with your words actions, and deeds. But a few breads crumbs with kind words leading the way are usually gobbled right up by one who is seeking.

There’s been times where I’ll start talking about something, I believe I already know the answer to, just to make certain that others see my own battle with the information and how it led to new conclusions. I’ve done it with politics, with authors, with medical information…I have no boundaries on subjects when it comes to opening others eyes when I feel they’ve been lied to. Oh and yes, there are times while doing that my eyes get opened too. Everyone learns and everyone talks and everyone opens up when it’s done without name calling and using only the best info you can get your hands on.

Ah, I’m chittering on again. Reincarnation is a must read! It’s fantastic! Hope to get to Keltic meditation tomorrow. That’s the one I really want to read, but I do save dessert for last, (well, ok, most of the time). :slight_smile:

Great feedback Dianne, glad you are enjoying the Booklets… they are meant to be thought provoking too!. Quite a lot is now being written about the Nicean Council and changes that were made… just wouldn’t you love to be free to read whatever is in the Vatican Archives!

Laraine, I would get in there and never leave! That is if it were all written in English. Of course I’d get in there and wouldn’t be able to read any of it, and end up banging my head against a wall. :cry:
I’m reading Ralph Ellis, “The King Jesus Trilogy” right now. So many different authors coming to completely different conclusions. Next up is “The British Chronicles” by David Hughes, and “Full Circle” by Raymond Robert Fischer. Looks like I have my reading material through at least December.

Reincarnation-I wanted to add that by observing others you can not only tell what lessons you’ve already learned but ones you need to work on. I know I’ve mentioned before something about old souls and new souls. Maybe I should have said those that have learned quite a few lessons, and those that haven’t. Past life regression isn’t an option available to everyone who would like to dive into it. Aspiring to be more like Jesus isn’t an option for everyone either, especially if one has no idea just who, what and if he ever was. I enjoy observing others. When you find something in someone that is so amazing, and it inspires you to work to be more like them.

I call it the Human Zoo, so much to learn and observation is a plus…The Sherlock Technique … I too am wading through some heavy numbers at the moment but reading is one of my passions.

Thanks for your thoughts, Diane. I would like to comment on a couple of your statements above.

The way you mention is but one of the ways to unscramble the lie. Not everyone requires a historical lens to see Truth. It can be helpful and beneficial for some, neutral or useless for most, and actually serve as a block or hindrance for others. Examining history is but one tool to trace the Truth of things, and if that is one of your main tools and it works for you, I say all the power to you. There are people here, and in the background, that can and have helped others unscramble the lie, but whose gifts and focus have very little to do with history. You will notice a number of different subject boards on these forums, and all of these are tools to discover Truth and awaken. History is but one of them. If history is not their chosen path, but another path serves them and others like them, they should be encouraged to continue bringing light to the world in the manner best suited for them.

As to knowing certain things and not saying them, there are many reasons for this, some of them good. If I know something that will hurt the cause of that which I am speaking of, through the nonacceptance, obstanance, or hostile ignorance of the listener, what good is there to say it? Maybe say it privately to those willing to listen, but it does no good to force or confuse someone with something they are unable to accept or even comprehend. Sometimes individuals, and the world in general, have to be deserving, educated, or advanced enough to be able to hear certain things.

If an uneducated Bushman asked you to explain the technical specifics, science, and history of rocket science, you might not even be able to explain clearly yourself, but if you could you would start by teaching them simple addition and subtraction using sticks on the ground. And as they got frustrated with you by asking what sticks on the ground have to do with rocket science, you would tell them that preliminary fundamentals must be learned as a prerequisite to more advanced sciences. They may or may not listen or believe you at this point, but a child would, and perhaps that is the type of Spirit required for true learning and discovery…

This is indeed correct, for we live in a world of duality. Throughout the world the people are finding out a lot about the negative connotations to what you state here. However, even this can be viewed as being unbalanced (but this can be delved into at another time).

I would have to say that it is incumbent upon you as a teacher to impart information, whether solicited or otherwise, in a manner best suited to your audience.

Absolutely! However, as a teacher, the sowing of seeds is a must no matter the condition of the soil. Like all things, there is a period of gestation, and if you have been diligent in the tending and care of your field then your harvest can indeed be bountiful. If not, then other seeds and/or methods will need to be employed.

There is an old saying: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is the same in all things.

Unfortunately, for those not ready, our current civilisation model endeavours to force issues which run contrary to the understanding and even knowledge of the masses. Like all feudal-type systems, consideration is solely given to the needs, wants and desires of those who seemingly hold the reins of power; with little or no consideration to the recipients or to those holding a different perspective.

Agreed on all points, Lance! All that you have expanded upon here should be kept in mind by teachers and students alike.