Reincarnation: General Thoughts and Experiences

When I was a child I had this big red birth mark on my right forearm. I’ve always been prone to fanting when being pinched in my veins for blood or even being told anything regading veins and blood. Wonder if I cut my veins or something in my previous life. Anyone has had any experiences like these?

Diane’s reply to Victoria Ruiz’ post of movie here:

"Yesterdays Children" Jane Seymour. I watched it yesterday in Spanish, (I don't understand Spanish), yet it's one of those movies that really doesn't need words. Beautiful movie. "she went to Ireland and her search began".
i,m really sorry about the langauage.I would have rather see it in english myself, but thats how i found it.(is a spanish site) really amazing movie

…and is base in real facts…maybe we can search for it in its original form.

Her real name is Jenny Cockell. She wrote a book about her experience, (true story). The book is called "Across Time And Death: A Mothers Search for her Past Life Children" back in the 1990's. She also believes in seeing her future lives. Here's a link to the wiki article about her. :)
Thank u sooo much ;)
My father brought home a huge black chalkboard from an old school that he was rewiring. He was an electrician. He hung it in our basement. The basement was unfinished, yet there was homemade ping pong table and an old pool table down there. I had my book shelf, little play area just for me and the chalkboard. Spent a lot of time there alone, but I've always enjoyed my alone time. I would stand on a step stool and draw on the chalkboard. I drew women in long gowns. I called one Rhea, and another Thea. Mom wasn't too pleased, and I remember her erasing it. ;) Could never figure out how I knew those names long before I'd ever read about them in school. When I was able to read my favorite book was "Snow White and Rose Red".

I’ve always had a fear of moving too fast, like driving too fast in car or on a motor bike. Yet when I’m the one in control I can drive fast, yet never recklessly. Anyway I have what they call beauty marks on parts of my body. When I was born I had a raised strawberry birthmark on my face that went away before I was 2.

Very cool that we get to edit these things here now after someone else posts, didn’t remember being able to that before. I ran out of time again, had to keep it short. The Strawberry birthmark I’ve thought of my allergy to fresh fruits and vegetables. Doctor told me once that it might be the pectin. The juicier the fruit the worse the allergy. Get a scratchy throat, skin and hives at times. Once it’s cooked, canned or blanched I can eat it with no problems. Love watermelon, but it doesn’t like me. Fresh salad…oh my I love it, but I pay the price for eating it. These things have gotten better with age.

The other thing was loud noises. I literary jump out of my skin with certain sudden loud noise. That never ceases to this day. Not like car alarms, but sounds like explosions, doors slamming, things that go bump and bang. High pitched animal and human screams, an alert bark from an dog, …oh they really get to me. Ever hear a rabbit scream? I physically jump, feel like my heart stops, and go into super alert mode, and it takes me a few moments to relax again. Even a clap can set it off if done at the right moment in when everything else is silent. No thunder and lightening problems though. Maybe because I can see that coming most of the time. Don’t know, but people laugh at me when I jump out of my skin over nothing but a noise.

"The circumstances, Enidvadew, of the traveler conform to the law of sowing and reaping; he may travel in comfort or pain, happily or sorrowfully, with strength or weakness, heavily burdened or lightly burdened, well prepared or ill prepared. WHEN THE DESTINATION IS SET ACCORDING TO THE DEGREES OF A FORMER LIFE, then the circumstances of the journey should conform with the desire. For what use is it desiring a great destination when the law of sowing and reaping decrees that an intolerable burden must be carried on the way? Far better to have lesser aspirations. The decrees of fate are many, the decrees of destiny are few. "
That passage has always stuck in my mind and it cannot be made any sense of unless we accept a reencarnation premise.

There are several references in the Kolbrin citing reincarnation, as there are in the Bible (though not widely known or discussed), just as there are similar references throughout different religious tradition and text throughout the world. Besides this, there are thousands of scientific, anthropological case studies documenting children around the world were able to know and remember things that would be otherwise impossible to explain without reincarnational or metaphysical theories. Cosmological and theological systems, likewise, lack coherence in terms of justice and logic without reincarnation theory in place. Also, many of life’s mysteries concerning differences in personality, ability, hierarchy of station at birth, sexuality, likes and dislikes, and a slew of other things that cannot be fully explained by biology or environment are fully explained by reincarnation theory.

Reincarnation makes for a very wide field of study theoretically, but also practices allowing one to experience reincarnational recall allow for a practical application of study transcending the theoretical on a personal level that can be definitive, profound, and life changing.

Most of these subjects are much too lengthy to go into detail in one post, but hopefully over time we will be able to discuss many of these issues here and on the Culdian Forums.

In the meantime, an excellent primer on the subject is highly recommended that may be purchased through the store on the main Culdian website:

And for those who would rather not purchase the e-book, it will be available again for free reading at a future time as a rotational release of Culdian Teachings which our website members will be notified of. If you prefer this option, sign up for free by clicking the link below:

I for one am very much looking forward to further contributions of discussion, research, and experiences on this vast and profound field of study.

Interesting post as usual Len, looking forward to that rotational release ;)
... reincarnational recall, hightly recomended, to explore.It takes a few hours and one can experiment it in oneself. ;)
Maybe I'm afraid to find out. When I'm ready I'd love to pursue that.

I believe strongly in a physical rebirth and spiritual rebirth. One can have past lives and one can be reborn spiritually in this life. I don’t think that spiritual rebirth can happen in one ceremony or event. I think it takes a series of deaths a little at a time. Sometimes very difficult and painful, and other times maybe not quite so bad. I suppose it can happen all at once for some people. Never rule anything out.

“Destination is set according to the degrees in a former life”. Maybe some people just know things as though they’ve been through it before. I don’t think you start right off where you left off. Think you need reminders. Some lessons take longer to learn than others.

I’ve mentioned old souls and new souls a few times. I believe I’ve met most degree’s of these in my life. New meaning a long way to go, and old meaning they’ve been there before and just know without having to be re-taught, or never even having to go through the same lesson in this life.

I believe a lot too in learning to look for lessons. There are lessons every day, and sometimes in every moment of the day. A place of learning I think. Some times we almost need a rock to drop on our heads before we see them. My most recent one was to “look at the bigger picture”. I was so concentrating on detail that I missed the point. Guess I needed to broaden my view to see the real picture. Like any good painting, best to view from a distance, (an overall view), and not with a microscope all the time.

My thought on the matter is that it should not be taken lightly, and that it is not recommended as a means to satiate mere curiosity for a novice in the earlier stages of metaphysical practice. There are very good reasons for the natural blocks in memory preventing the common person remembering past lives. These include many of the very same reasons for death and rebirth in the first place. For example, if you didn’t die, certain prejudices and modes of your current life would be near impossible to escape. You need a reset button, otherwise, memories and certain conditions of life could not be gotten past, and experiences of an entirely different order could not be had without death, without forgetting…

Nothing gained is free. Everything has a price that must be paid. Part of the price of successful recall, especially for one lacking preliminary aspects of self mastery, include regrets, hangups, previous loyalties, and conditions that should have been released through death but have been reattached in recall. As if there weren’t enough blockages, difficulties, and conditioned memories in a current life, these problems can be multiplied in successful reincarnational recall. Therefore, it is right and natural for Diane to fear it.

Regardless of fear or curiosity, there are natural barriers in place that prevent recall, or at least distort it, until certain preliminary conditions are met. There are exceptions to this standard, but they usually result in peculiar forms of mental illness or delusion. Speaking of the latter, it is all too easy for an unprepared practitioner to too early attempt recall exercises only to be deluded by flights of fancy and self made hallucinations. Preliminary work in more basic and safer metaphysical study assists the student in differentiating between hallucination, visionary symbolism, and true sight. Testing, and relying on the scientific method in self experimentation, is also a necessary bulwark against delusion.

What you describe is correct and is the usual, unaided, natural course of events. However, a major rebirth can occur in a ceremony or event artificially designed to speed up the process of advancement. The ancient Mystery Schools and their methods of training are known examples of this process… there are others… Some more or less effective and some more or less dangerous…

That is quite an awesome realization to come to! Very happy to see you learn and grow, Diane, you are an inspiration!!! ;D ;D ;D :wink:

Wow, this is an interesting discussion. I’ve always been curious about who and what I did last time round, and the times before.

As a child I clearly believed my home was supposed to be a castle somewhere in Ireland… who knows.
I can not remember being born so it is easy to understand not remembering what came before that. Beliefs like these remove fear. That is something we are not supposed to do.

And…not so much on reincarnation but…
These are the rules in this world:
Believe what we tell you.
Do what we tell you.
Feel isolated and afraid.

Not my rules. I made 5 rules for my field crews (underground construction/ hazmat)
Don’t get hurt. Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t break anything… and that includes feelings.
Say what you do. Do what you say.
and #6 is optional… ‘Stay calm and stop believing… find out for yourself’.

I like your optional rule #6, and I hope you someday are able to apply it to what possibly may have been an actual Irish castle… :wink:

I have a dream that all the knowledge and thoughts that have been are here in a field of …(intelligence?)…something… that can be reached. We are not blessed with believing this or with the understanding that it is not a given but rather a possibility that must be worked for and earned. Yet I have experienced “knowing” something that later was confirmed by citation and review. I no longer question possibilities and more than ever believe in science, only now there is no conflict between those two.

This ‘field’ of all knowledge and thoughts are described by some as the Akashic Records. However, they are not on one singular ‘field’, but many fields, planes, or frequencies. It depends on what, who, or when you are attempting to access. Often, very often in fact, people access or are receptive to these ‘fields’ without being entirely clear or conscious of what they’re accessing. With meditation, silence, and an aware, focused intention with practice, these various ‘fields’ may be distinguished with ever greater clarity and are tapped into with ever greater ease.

As for realizing there is no conflict between clear sighted intuition and science, this is quite correct, however, mistakes can be made in both. And ‘questioning’ and verifying both scientific hypotheses and intuitional insights are necessary for the greater perfection of both.

Thank you. I am open to any sources of light. And what light I have is to put out the darkness or light the path for another as others have for me. The most recent of whom I am grateful to find here.