Rowena and Reincarnation

After nearly a three month layoff, we are happy to be with you again for a fresh rotation of Teachings! First off, we have the third book in our trilogy of Channeled Teachings, Wisdom from Rowena, free to read on the website for all logged in Website Members. Like its predecessors, Gwineva and Celestina, Rowena deals with the upliftment mankind through personal, familial, and communal responsibility. While there is a subtle context of cosmology and spiritual hierarchy, Rowena’s style is much more action based, what you can do to make the world a better place and personally reach the stars.

From the Foreword of Rowena: "It is a book about love and relationships, about caring and responsibility, but these are presented in an unorthodox and enlightening manner. The intention is to make the reader think, analyse and then judge for himself…

This book is for people who have questions to which they have not been given answers, or who are not satisfied with those they have been given. It is of particular interest to parents who have the responsibilities and increasingly difficult problems of raising a family in today’s society. It is for thinking people who can no longer tolerate the unnecessary burdens of theological prohibitions and who are able to understand a spirituality which transcends the narrow perspectives of orthodox religious thought.

Above all, it is a book which, when read, says; “What are you going to do about it?” So it cannot be read quickly and then put aside."

The second selection from our Teachings, available free to read for all, makes a relatively quick return to the rotation due to the recent spike of interest in the booklet’s subject matter, self titled Reincarnation. This booklet deals with the logical, scientific, and theological proofs and scope of the subject of reincarnation.

Both of these works may be purchased for you to keep from our Store, but are available for you to read now, for free!

“Teachings of Celestina” and “The Leylines of Life” have been taken down for now, but are always available in our Store, and will find their way back into the free reading rotation at a future date.