Rules and Guidelines of the Culdian Forums

Rules and Guidelines of the Culdian Forums

  1. No spamming or advertising of third party products on the forum unless they relate to relevant discussion material.

  2. Regular forum members are only allowed one account and username. Using multiple accounts or “sock puppets” will be cause for banishment from the Culdian Forums.

  3. Material that is private i.e. personal messages, email, or content in the private sections of the forum cannot be made public. Revealing private names or private details of private individuals is also not allowed. If you feel there is abuse, please report personally to a moderator or administrator.

  4. No illegal activity or discussion of illegal activity shall take place in the forums. Failure to comply may result in the user being warned, banned, or reported to police authorities.

  5. Third party copyrighted material shall not be posted on the forums without the express written permission of the copyright holder. Fair use quotes are permissible (samples, not chapters or pages), and where applicable, should be sourced or linked to the author’s or copyright holders text or external web page.

  6. File attachments are not allowed by individual users. If you feel an attachment is relevant to the website or forums, contact a moderator or administrator.

  7. Avatars are allowed, but cannot be moving graphics or Flash, and should be small enough to not affect the forum layout. Please use your own discretion here, but if it becomes a problem you will be asked by a moderator to remove or modify your avatar.

  8. Post topics in the correct forum, and if you are having a discussion in a thread and decide to change subjects or topics, please start a new thread. This will save our moderation team time and energy.

  9. Do not use multiple posts in a response. If you have more to say immediately, edit your first post and add on to it. Failure to comply will have your posts edited, and you will be given a warning.

  10. Quotes and web links from third party materials shall not be posted by themselves. A relevant quote may be used in a response to a discussion, but quotes should generally be used around the other matters YOU are discussing. If you quote something, it should be in conjunction to your own thoughts and interpretations surrounding it. All quotes should be sourced.

  11. No personal attacks, name calling, trolling, or flaming. “You are wrong” is not a personal attack; “You wrong because you are an idiot” probably is. If you feel the need to attack, attack ideas and arguments, not people. Violation of this rule is under the sole discretion of the moderator team, and may result in editing of posts, locked threads, warnings, temporary muting of accounts, and account banning. Report abuse privately to a moderator or administrator, complaints should not be made public.

  12. Follow all directions of the moderation team when they are stating something in the capacity of a moderator, as rules and decision making is completely and absolutely within their discretion, even to the point of being beyond this list of rules. Challenges to rules or decision making may be discussed privately or in the “Community Issues and Recommendations” part of the forum.