Throughout our journey in life, and especially amplified for those consciously walking the Soulpath, many things we go through are extraordinarily dark and difficult. We are tested continuously, and much darkness, heaviness, and pain must be gone through within ourselves and without. It is not all light and love, and those who claim so are hiding from reality and the purpose of this Earth.

Ignorance is darkness, and all of us have much of it (more than enough!) to conquer and transcend. When left alone, like all things in the dark, it is unknown as we slumber zombie like in relation to it. When faced, it presses up against our Souls, and the terror, pain, fear, and other unmentionable dark (and often evil) forces come at us like an onslaught. This is often why many people hardly advance at all (at least perceptibly), and why other people more awake struggle or do not go as far as they should. In fact, the more one learns, grows, and advances the greater and more powerful the darkness (and what is within that darkness) reacts to you and must be faced.

So, the song I share with you is on this theme. It is very heavy and dark, but with a conscious glimmer of hope within that space. I will not presently elaborate on the lyrics (sorry I could not find them to post, but they are easy enough to understand in the song), but I think most people here can relate to the theme and experience described in this song.

Remember, this is not something to get you down or depress you, but refers to something that must be faced, gone through, and transcended…

So here, is Phideaux Xaviar’s song entitled “Snuff” from his new project, Mogon:

Phideaux MogoN - Snuff

Download and purchase here:

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