'Soul' Religion Vs. Dogmatic Religion

I like the God and Soul parts of the Kolbrin the best. They speak to me more than the others. I don't feel comfy with writing that is too Paternal as to denigrating women. So I guess why I don't jibe with traditional Judeo Christian angles anymore. The design of eliminating women - to keep them solely as procreative beings to bring more bodies into religious philosophy folds really annoys me.

as to the human rabbis, teachers, and priests - for example - that always are trying to control everything and every body. Women seem to have no use to them. Satanists use the women - indeed - but in an amoral way so it’s much the same to me there as well.

I also liked Rumi’s poetry in the past (still do) so that is the kind of person that I am.

The Dark Spirit of Control and Domination of others flows to where there is the most Power and Influence in a culture.

At one time, this power and influence rested in religion. And so, the most corrupt and power hungry twisted the original, pure Spirit of Religion to their own twisted ends. Now, not because of Religion Proper, but because of the Dark Spirit is Religion’s symbols, organization, and history tarnished, mutilated and dried up as a vehicle for man’s connection with the Divine.

No matter, there are other vehicles to the Divine…

And now the Dark Spirit festers and eats out the soul of other essential institutions of culture; those that still hold real Power in society…

It is the Spirit of a thing that must be watched, not the Form.

Do not confuse the above with the Spirit of Fanaticism. This Spirit may enter any form of spirituality, cause, ideal, or organization however worthy or not this Form is.

Love what you had to say about Alice Leonard. My thoughts exactly. I can't afford to purchase the Gwineva books at the moment, but hopefully I will be able to soon.

Funny how you somehow got onto the subject of Religion, Domination and control today.

Been looking into connections today with the Jacobites, Rosicrucians, and even the Levites. Following the Rose and Cross. It is said from the Rose arose the Cross, not the other way around. The only link to the Levites I’ve found so far is that if you were Levite, and your last name was Bluma/Blume they would put the symbol or the Rose on your tombstone. That might be true of all of the Jewish faith, unsure about that.

Giza was formerly known as RosTau, which is “Rose Cross.” The Jacobites have the white cockade Rose, and the Rosicrucian’s have the red rose and cross, and that the Rosicrucians brought about the end of the Knights Templar. All so interesting.

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There is, in the history of religion and underground spiritual organizations, a war that has been going on for millennia. The Rosicrucians, Templars, Masons, etc. (and many other groups existing into even today) have had to contend internally with manifestations of Angels and Demons in the form of their members.

As above, so below. The war in Heaven extends itself most viciously here on Earth. In all the groups just mentioned there has been literal sorcerers, magi, and wizards battling as light battles dark. This is why it can be so confusing for the layperson to untangle the moral rightness of these groups and individuals because the fact is that you had some of the most powerful characters of good and evil in the very same organizations, attending the same meetings, infiltrating and counter-infiltrating.

This is why it is impossible to say that the Masons, the Jesuits and Catholics, the Kabbalistic Jews, the Rosicrucians, and on and on… what their real motives are, whether they are truly good or evil. The fact is that they are both, just like the rest of the world. But the difference in these groups has been that individuals who are very intellectually and spiritually powerful, congregated at these focused points over history to do battle under both banners of good and evil, for the souls of mankind, and for the fate of the Earth.

All too often, one or another of these groups are hated whole cloth by lay researchers that ignorantly make the assumption that they are wholly either good or evil. The fact is, the dark side has gained the upper hand in almost all of these groups, and so we find they end up being uniformly despised and mistrusted. But this impression is a false one, judging and damning the world entirely for the majority of trends in the current era.

Those who judge collectively in this manner should realize they are judging and damning themselves as well. Things are far more subtle and complex than they appear to be as one studies these things superficially, or only from the books…

And guess what boys and girls… the battle continues.

epic post bro
Preach it Len !
sounds like Assassin's Creed

So does a Warner Brothers boardroom meeting. :wink:

In all seriousness though, the universe is in reality a lot bigger and more magical than the self imposed smallness so many impose on themselves do to cowardice and the weakness of being unable to handle mundane lives’. And so are we much bigger than the illusion that all we are is the grey blob inside a tiny cranium. Once realized, what does that imply?

The implications can be somewhat overwhelming, especially as one contemplates the mind as opposed to its physical expression, the brain.

But the difference in these groups has been that individuals who are very intellectually and spiritually powerful, congregated at these focused points over history to do battle under both banners of good and evil, for the souls of mankind, and for the fate of the Earth.
The rules of engagement, particularly in this arena and at this level, are exacting with very little room to manoeuvre. There are times Evil has prevailed as are there times Good has prevailed. This will no doubt continue ad infinitum, especially in realms where duality reigns.