Teachings of Celestina

This month we have for you the second in the series of Channeled Works, Teachings of Celestina, available for all to read free on our website. Timing of this book’s free release is fortuitous, as its subject matter is aligned closely with Psychology of Group Leadership , The Problem of Relationships, and Introduction to Spirituality; all of which are presently available in current rotation on the website. (The Kailedy has currently been taken down, but may be purchased in our Store either as a hard copy or as an e-book.)

From the back cover of the hard copy:

"This book gives a new perspective and clear insight into controversial issues of our times. It will answer many questions and provide guidelines for a fuller and happier life.

Insofar as it deals specifically with matters concerning the welfare and advancement of humankind, this book is of value to everyone."

Celestina, once a teacher of children, deals with matters of existence on Earth as well as Astral and Spiritual planes, and teaches extensively on what is required for us now on Earth to accomplish for the best possible future; what may be called the Celestial Age.

Thus is the name chosen for herself, Celestina, most appropriate for this specific set of Teachings. May they come to fruition in your life and throughout the world!