I``ve just registered with the forums, but have been a keen student since -oh 2007 I think I finally aquired the Kolbrin, and have been studied it diligently since then. maybe I read it 8 or nine times now. A truer bedside compainon is hard to imagine. (A true woman is hard to find)
If ever there was talk of the Living Word, then this book must be alive. So many times I am reading at the words just hits me like a hot furnacefire, ir chisels at the soul, developing me - and a hard taskmaster. I am truly grateful for these surviving remants of ancient knowledge, and have been very careful to practice the teachings, but slow to share the book. But maybe now the time is soon at hand?
I look forward to getting to know more and will do my best to undertake new instruction to the best of my ability. I dread the spectre of averageness.

A very warm welcome to you, Orgon Solo! And thank you for joining. :slight_smile:

8 or 9 times reading the Kolbrin?! Wow, beats me for sure! ;D I would agree with you that the Kolbrin has a sort of life to it. It speaks to the Soul so directly, cuts through so many mental barriers; and in doing so, initiates a flame for those ready that helps to make necessary changes specific to the individual.

The question now becomes for you: where do you wish to take it next? Do you feel there is much personal work yet to accomplish, in which to live up to the personal demands in the Kolbrin? Is it time to search out a good woman and begin a family? Do you wish for further instruction from either our other publications or elsewhere? Are you looking for more esoteric instruction, and if so, what kind?

In any case, it is helpful to reach out to others of like mind, just as you are doing here, not only for your own support, but that you may be of service to support others.

I look forward to reading more of your personal interests, thoughts, questions, and sharing. Again, welcome aboard!