The Book of Wisdom

This month we would like to share a selection from The Kolbrin, free for all registered members. The Book of Wisdom is somewhat unique (along with Morals and Precepts) among the Books of The Kolbrin in that it contains barely a trace of historical reference. There are no stories or names or places to indicate it was written is this or that time or place. Without knowing its context, someone reading this selection could not rightly say whether it was written five years ago or five thousand years ago. This attests to the timelessness of Wisdom, and is equally applicable today as it was in ancient times.

The Book of Wisdom does not specialize in any one particular subject or field of interest. It is essentially a book of balanced instruction for all areas of life geared towards those who seeking balance, transcendence, self-control, and greater awareness within and without. It contains aspects of family and community relationships as well as elaboration on those Spiritual matters which directly affect Earthly life; and there are no greater aspects of Spirituality to contemplate as a human than those directly affecting humanity!

From “The Good Life”, Chapter 12 of The Book of Wisdom in The Kolbrin:

“Life is not altogether a vale of sorrow, neither is it meant to be a grim, unending struggle. Man is born into the world to make the best possible use of earthly conditions, and this does not mean that effort should be concentrated exclusively on the achievement of spirituality. Things must be kept in the right perspective and a proper balance achieved. It is unwise to let thoughts dwell exclusively upon the Spiritual Realm, and this was never intended. Only its reality and ultimate attainment should be ever borne in mind.

Man is to make the most of conditions as he finds them, and get all the happiness he can from life within the framework laid down in the Sacred Books. Not only must he make the best of earthly conditions but he must also improve them, so that more happiness may be gained. Though this may appear to serve only an earthly end it is not entirely the case, for in the effort lies the spiritual development. Earthly conditions are not to be accepted passively, for every man has a duty to make some improvement, however slight, upon the earthly state of things.”

The application of Wisdom demands action, as action is the requirement of any change of outcome in physical existence. Wisdom stays not with the dabbler, the merely curious, or those who do not go beyond specializing in abstract and scholastic thought. Wisdom is for the living, and life is in action. More simply stated in the Book of Scrolls (Chapter Thirty-Three: The Scroll of Herakat):

“In the First Book it is written: ‘Words that do not produce deeds are as thistledown on the wind. They were better never uttered’.”

The Book of Wisdom is for those that fully comprehend the truth and necessity of Wisdom in Action.

(Note - The Book of Morals and Precepts has been taken down for now, but is always available in our store or within the hard copy of The Kolbrin.)