The 'Christian' View of 'Christ' Doesn't Make Sense

I cant belive anybody who considers themselves to be enlighted, can possibly belive in "Christ", of. thet G-d, as the Creator of all, would really mate with a human, and have a "Son". In the past, I belive the gods, small"g", have, but the whole Jesus epic, was told many times beofre, like the story of Dyonisis.
That's a simplistic viewpoint of Christianity Sha'ul! Enlightened Christians do not believe it that as well.

“If Christ was omnipotent then why should He be crucified?”

GOD did not choose crucifixion, mankind did.

Do you believe Jesus was God Rex?
I believe Jesus to be the logos of GOD... but unlike many Christians, I separate the two. and do not refer to Christ as GOD but rather His Son.
Yeah I get it. I can't say I subscribe to that view.

To understand the sense of the ressurrection one had to read the Pistis Sophia, wich describes the teachings of Jesus after His ressurrection to His male and female disciples. This Book has been preserved in Etiopia and parts we have in Europe since 1773 ff. Sorry. No other possebility. Everything else is futile talking, i am sorry to say. There are some versions available on the net. I like the version of J.J.Hurtak with His comments most, wich is not available as open pdf.