The Cross

Greetings everyone,

We’re very curious about what others know and understand about the meaning of the word “cross” in the Gospel of Kailedy (and perhaps all other authorised scripture). It seems in the modern Christian community “cross” is pretty much related to one thing, and many even attempt to prove that Jesus Christ was only ever hinting at the way He will end His time on Earth.

After reading the Gospel of Kailedy it is clear that “cross” has either a broad spectrum of meaning or a completely different meaning from that of modern thinkers.

“I can combine the star-girt Circles of Eternity with the lowly cross, and the defeated suffering son with the victorious battle-inspiring fighter.” - Ch 1

“Now, the stable was against a hill, behind an inn where sages from the East were staying - men of Sastera, wise in the Books of Heaven, and of Nimrod, who carried the cross of fire.” - Ch 5

“The road indicated by John is not My road, but it leads to the same destination. I bring you the Way of the Cross, which is the cross of life.” - Ch 8

“Cross of Life” is mentioned several times…

“I say to you, come, take up My cross and bear it manfully, and I will not leave you unsupported.” - Ch 15

“And those who follow Me, bearing the burden of My cross, must not be halfhearted in the cause.”

“I must carry My cross alone, for there is none with whom I can share the burden of My heart.”

As we can see the cross of which Jesus speaks of carrying seems to be something of the heart and not necessarily of physical nature. The infamous crucifix is therefore mentioned later as a “crosspiece”.

“Because of the scourging and other sufferings, Jesus was unable to bear the crosspiece He carried.” - Ch 24

Though later we see it later being referred to as a “cross”…

“When evening drew near and Jesus had been four hours on the cross, Joseph of Abramatha, being a man of status and authority, went to Pontius Pilate without fear, for they were friends.” - Ch 25

It is clear there is more to the “cross” which Jesus (and the scribe in the introduction) are speaking about. Any understanding on the matter would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and patience.

The word “cross” simply implied a stick, pole or beam that was used sideways (horizontal), i.e. a cross beam.
A pole “across” the shoulders was used to carry a load or burden. Picture the traditional two pails suspended from a cross pole. You could carry more burden than normal if you used a cross.
It’s rich with metaphors: “Picking up your burden” “balancing the days load” “putting down your cross”.
If you were tied, or nailed, to a cross, which was then raised up and nailed to a tree (or post) you would die from asphyxiation. A similar word today would be “hang”. You can can hang a picture on the wall, or hang an outlaw from a gallows. Words have a strange way of taking on a single connotation later, but shouldn’t be read into a earlier writing. Because many of us no longer carry our burdens on a cross, we’ve lost that meaning for the word, and seem to only use it for a crucifixion.