The Destroyer and the Survivalist Movement

Hi all,

I have been interested in the real ‘Kolbrin’ writings for many years now and not the fake copy written by Marshall Masters which he calls ‘The Kolbrin Bible’.

I was born close to Glastonbury, England where the original manuscripts survived the abbey fire in 1184 which some say was deliberately started to burn the original Kolbrin manuscripts which luckily survived and then eventually made there way to New Zealand.

During many years I spent in America I decided that when I came back to Europe again I would move to the Montsegur area of the Pyreness on the French/Spanish border high up in the mountains as a safe location in the event that the destroyer returned but that never happened because on my return to the UK I had already become friends with another person from the border of southern Germany close to Switzerland and her safe location seemed much better thought out.

I lived for a year there in a small community with like minded people thousands of feet above sea level close to Heiligenberg which means holy mountain, the safest area I can imagine if The Destroyer does pass through again.

Whilst I was there I ordered and received from New Zealand a true copy of the ‘Kolbrin’ and when I left back for the UK again I left my copy with them in the hopes that it will survive the next cataclysm if there is one and several thousand more years into the future.

Now back in the UK again I will soon be ordering another copy for myself once I have myself situated in another safe location.

I know a lot of people disagree with prepping and survivalism when it comes to these manuscripts and that is understandable because a lot of preppers are just out to save themselves and they dont have the education, knowledge, wisdom or spirituality to look into things deeply but I am not one of them. I study everything I possibly can to come to some kind of understanding of the truth.

As you have probably gathered my main interests in the Kolbrin are the specific parts concerning The Destroyer or as I like to call it Nibiru.

Anyway sorry for the long introduction, but could not help myself.

Welcome James, and thanks for introducing yourself! :slight_smile:

Concerning the Destroyer parts of the Kolbrin, and also prepping and survivalism, there sure is a lot to say. (Feel free to start threads on these topics in the relevant categories.) Let me begin with a few general comments. Being prepared for worst case scenarios is important, thoughtful, and even essential for individual survival and the general well-being of society. Apathy and complacency (of all kinds) is a most disturbing epidemic in the world today. To be prepared, to store up on essential necessities, to learn to live off the land, not only vastly increases the chances of surviving, or even thriving, during catastrophes, but it brings more awareness and connection to nature and the land. These things not only provide safety, but bring health and balance to the mind and soul.

One never knows when disaster of any kind will strike, but strike in one way or another it always does; if not today, then tomorrow; or if not in our generation, then the next generation. We have an obligation to ourselves, neighbors, and children to be aware and ready, passing this understanding and knowledge on to future generations.

On the other hand, prepping and survivalism get a bad wrap, rightly and wrongly, from most people. It wrongly gets a bad wrap because, as I said above, people are largely lazy and complacent, fattened and dulled by ease and comfort, and there is gross over tendency to not want to take personal responsibility for anything.

Survivalism rightly gets a bad wrap because some of its proponents first become paranoid, and often later, even delusional. Paranoia and fear causes people to get louder about what they’re fearful about. This causes the fearful paranoid sickness to spread (very unhealthy), and for most not willing to buy into paranoia and delusion it causes people to not even listen to, and disassociate from, a possible useful message coming from the paranoid person. In other words, a person may speak some truth about a given topic, but if they do it in fearful or delusional manner, it will spread that sickness among a few, and cause the majority to not even listen to the kernel of truth at the center of the message because of the personal failings of the messenger, which unfortunately prejudices and stereotypes any good within message or movement.

In conclusion, survivalism and prepping is good and necessary for the mind, body, and soul; and will someday be required in whatever inevitable cultural catastrophe that we might face, but its advocates need to become more level-headed and present an image of health, strength and balance rather than one of paranoia and delusion.

Studying and practicing the ethical and spiritual aspects of the Kolbrin first, before even dealing with the Destroyer material can be a great aid to this process personally, and later will help all those concerned become powerful and respected ambassadors for the entire Survivalist movement!