The Destroyer in Science and Prophesy

I'm not... I just find it interesting that if we are to believe the mystery schools all spoke the same fundamental truths, then they might all had agreed upon what a generation was.

The Bible does not state that a generation is 40 years, that is inferred.

I wouldn't think those two things would be related. The concept of a generation would be more about cultural traditions than inherent to some "universal" mystery school doctrine.

Manuel is correct…

The same Truths are expounded in different languages, and in different metaphors according to the specific culture they’re teaching.

The universality of God or the Cosmos does not change from Egypt to Rome to India… however, how it is EXPRESSED does, depending on what the specific locals understand in their various languages and cultures.

“They are like many roads leading pilgrims to the one shrine. Though all true paths are lit by the guiding light of Truth, not all see it alike; but the fault lies not so much in the light as in the beholder. It is this which leads to misunderstandings concerning each other’s teachings and to disputes between those who prefer one road and those preferring another. Each considers his own way, his own interpretation of the light to be the best, if not the only, way".” – THE KOLBRIN – The Book of Gleanings, Chapter Fifteen, Page 71

Yeah and that gives us researchers a proper headache :P

My curiosity about these “Planet X” possible events eventually led me to a website with a explanation that I have studied carefully. That pursuit is what brought me here. I am forever grateful to the synchronicity of the universe.

The website is
here is a somewhat long quote from one of the professors books. If you have any interest in what to me seems an objective scientific view of history (ancient and modern) and using your own ability to reason I recommend a look.

I hope nobody is offended by a long quote;

“This pamphlet will teach you all that is essential to begin to prepare and hopefully survive the passage of a celestial object that could pass within the inner solar system where Planet Earth circles our Sun. It must be stressed that the intruding object need not necessarily pass all that close to Earth to affect dramatic Earth Changes. There has been a myth propagated by NASA and the scientific community that only if an object hits us directly could it inflict a damaging effect on Earth. This myth is totally false. The main book Planet X Comets and Earth Changes goes into great detail on this and other topics but cannot be repeated here (although many of the end results will be contained in this pamphlet … the so called “Earth Changes”).
We know from historical records and archaeological ruins found the world over that, in what we now call “pre-historic” times, there were millions of people living around the world in very large population centers. There was a vast world wide cataclysmic event that destroyed these civilizations. Of these, the civilizations that survived all learned quickly that they had to immediately start planting and harvesting food under very adverse conditions. Those that survived also realized that the days and years had been changed. Within these groups someone had the ability to rebuild the celestial calendar so that planting and harvesting could proceed. They did this in some locations with just primitive stone patterns on the ground. Others built complex pyramids and structures to track the Sun, Moon, Planets and stars.
Without this … none of them would have survived. The other thing that is noticed about these ancient cities and communities is their new calendar tracking devises always were keenly aware of tracking the Planet Venus. Today we all know Venus as the Morning and Evening “star”. But to the ancients it presented a terrible reality. Venus was a massive comet that was originally captured by the Planet Jupiter an estimated 600
years prior to approximately 3650B.C. It was known by many names during the time that it moved in the plane of the planets, first devastating the water planet Mars. In that encounter, Venus the huge comet sucked the atmosphere and oceans from our sister planet and the ancients witnessed and recorded this event.
As Venus the comet moved into the area of Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the ancients experienced two separate close Earth “passages” that devastated Earth and its inhabitants. We know from the Mayan Calendar that these two events occurred approximately 57 years apart and at least one of these close encounters caused the calendar to change. It also caused a movement of the north celestial pole (a physical pole shift) and caused extensive earthquake and volcanic activity. 75% of all species went extinct, yet man survived.
As Venus the comet had its orbit reduced by the comet tail drag (see the text Planet X Comets and Earth Changes for details), the ancients watched Venus very closely with their celestial tracking calendars and recorded this for posterity on clay tablets and stone walls of ancient temple cities. The Mayan religion and codex states that the “Plumed Serpent God of the Night Sky” Quetzalcoatl roamed the sky in a lawless way and “his heart (the planet sized comet nucleus) eventually became the planet Venus”.
Modern science rejected this fact and has, since the 1950’s, been harboring incorrect theories related to how the solar system develops new planets, the age and dating of the planets and moons, they are incorrect about what comets really are, and most of all they have completely failed to understand the electrical nature of the solar system. There is a step that every reader of this pamphlet must make. That is, you must ask yourself what makes sense to you and must judge for yourself whether you will make the appropriate steps to try to protect you and your loved ones based on what this book says.”

Another observation I have is a bit of hearsay, that is I have not studied ancient texts from around the world but what I have learned is they all reference two cataclysmic events. First an object (actually two) in the sky described as “winged serpents” or “dragons” or “devils horns” or many other names and another event… a great flood are both mentioned in many ancient cultures. With guidance from the aforementioned website ( I purchased a set of astronomical binoculars and a tripod. It was affordable, fortunately, less than $700. I did this as a hobby and because I wanted to see comet Elenin. It was passing within view. It was an amazing sight that allowed me to confirm some things. I saw the comet’s tail. In an electrical phenomena a comet draws in atomic matter as it travel, (hydrogen, oxygen that can end up as water and other atoms like helium and carbon). The tail points away from the nearest “sun” and it looks like two “horns”. It was an awesome sight, for three nights (actually the last couple of hours before dawn) I watched the comet leaving our solar system. Professor McCanney explains why NASA does not share the information from the satellites we have sent out. There is a constant stream of data that is sometimes delayed instead of immediately streaming onto the web. The delay allows the airbrushes to go to work. Or, in the case of the Hubble telescope, NASA posts low resolution grainy pictures far below the high resolution photo’s the orbiting telescope provides. Maybe it was a coincidence but the US Gov had a “shutdown” sending all the NASA people home exactly when the best view of comet Elenin was available…funny how that timing worked out.

I am a novice. But someone who wants to explain things simply can do so in a way that even I can understand. If you want to see for yourself, check it out.
It started for me a couple years ago, coming out of a very bad time having seen the trouble in the world and finally accepting that I could not fix anything I felt the need to try and see things the way they really are if I were to keep any sanity at all. To not be deceived so easily the first thing I had to do was stop judging so fast. (Don’t misunderstand, I know right from wrong, that is not what I am mean). When I judge sometimes I can no longer see clearly. Once I understood that, I kept looking, and hoping for guidance to bless me with a nudge in the right direction. And blessed I was for I have been led here and I am happy to know that I owe a great debt that I would feel privileged to repay…tenfold.

As for myself, I’m sticking with the Shumerian count of a 36.00 year cycle. This count also correlates with geological evidence of global catastrophic upheavals all over Ki (Earth).
The Kolbrin is not the only source for information on this topic, the Shumerian tablets contain much detail on this subject.
I think though, that the most vivid description is the Egyptian account of the Destroyers last passing, which allowed the Hebrews to flee their slavery.
Sadly, I fear that it may well put forward a very good impression of what we, or the next generation, may well expect the next time the reset button is pushed, so to speak.
I think a Solar cycle, is a bit of a long bow to draw.
Love and light.