The Destroyer in Science and Prophesy

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To which Manu responded:

Debunked is a bit too conclusive. Science needs to stop making absolute statements because then they come back and hit them in the face.
I was wondering if the Destroyer could be a cycle of the Sun when it appears red and wrecks havoc on the solar system. (I am not implying a red dwarf star.)
Who knows. Our ancestors saw something but surely they couldn't have known exactly what it was.

Well Rex, if we are to believe The Kolbrin, the Destroyer seems not to be the sun, or some kind of solar eruption…

“He (Habaris) taught them the mysteries concerning the wheel of the year and divided the year into a Summer half and a Winter half, with a great year circle of fifty-two years, a hundred and four of which was THE CIRCLE of The Destroyer.” – THE KOLBRIN – The Book of Creation, Chapter Seven, Page 20

The above quote implies a PRECISE TIMING of the Destroyer marked by an orbit (circle). To continue:

“In olden times there were spawned great monsters and beasts in fearful form, with frightful gnashing teeth and long ripping claws; an elephant was but a rat in comparison with them. Then, because of heavenly rebellion and turmoil, and the terror overwhelming the hearts of men, The Great One hardened the face of the land, which had become unstable, and the beasts were changed to stone. This was beforetimes, when the Destroyer still slumbered in the UPPER VAULTS OF HEAVEN.” – THE KOLBRIN – The Book of Gleanings, Chapter Three, Page 35

This next quote tells of a time when the Destroyer did not reach Earth, but was in the “upper vaults of Heaven” (beyond this solar system/ outer space). If it was a regular sun cycle, it would not have appeared only twice, as the Kolbrin claims:

“Four times the stars have moved to new positions and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. Twice the Destroyer has struck Earth and three times the Heavens have opened and shut. Twice the land has been swept clean by water.” – THE KOLBRIN – The Book of Manuscripts, Chapter Thirty-Three, Page 215

Make of the above what you will…

*Personal note and edit-- Quite after the fact of writing this post, I have been corrected by a very aware and clearheaded Kolbrin student that the Destroyer may have appeared more than twice. I mistakenly claimed above that the Kolbrin said that the Destroyer only “appeared” twice. In fact, as we read in the final quote I posted here, the Destroyer “struck” Earth twice, not “appeared” twice. It should be noted that the Kolbrin infers, and it is my opinion, that the Destroyer has “appeared” many times, without “striking”. This was an oversight on my part, and should be noted as such.

It's always possible that whatever astral body this is/was, it could have been destroyed in some far away event in some other area which it transverses during its orbit. It's a possibility although I doubt it.

By the way, Manuel, you once tried to estimate the return of the Destroyer going by 110 generations and trying to figure the length of a generation.

Well, reread the quote above, Habaris does it for you… :wink:

Yes, I also tried the Habaris calculation remember? It's about 5400 years.

I missed that one… but yes, about 5,400…

I remember reading an apocrypha called the Book of Adam and Eve and it talked about a similar cycle, That was certainly interesting.

Do share any quotes that may be relevant…

I think I did already, let me do a search on the group's history (see if I can recall some keyword about it :P )
Oh well ,lucky me, it came up the first hehe

"GOD said to Adam, "I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days and years are fulfilled; when I shall send the Word that created thee, and against which thou hast transgressed, the Word that made thee come out of the garden and that raised thee when thou wast fallen.

Yea, the Word that will again save thee when the five days and a half are fulfilled."

But when Adam heard these words from God, and of the great five days and a half, he did not understand the meaning of them.

For Adam was thinking that there would be but five days and a half for him, to the end of the world.

And Adam wept, and prayed God to explain it to him.

Then God in His mercy for Adam who was made after His own image and similitude, explained to him, that these were 5,000 and 500 years; and how One would then come and save him and his seed."

Very sweet connection you made there… :wink:

I have your answer for the length of a generation. My research into Greek and Roman philosophers has a generation being a specific time of 15 years. The thinking is because It takes 15 years for a human to be able to conceive.
Well the generations thing is too vague because we don't really know what the writers conceived a generation as. Habaris' estimate is much more useful IMO.

Plus, the Egyptian notion of a generation may likely be different from the Greek or Roman.

110 generations at 50 years is 5,500 years, matching up very close Habaris’ teaching, while also making consistent separate parts of the Kolbrin.

That ancient apocrypha is just an added icing on the cake!

One of the Mayan big calendar cycles (don't remember exactly which right now) consisted of 5200 years, quite around the neighborhood too.

Mayan long count:

also, if it were 15 years then we'd know the destroyer is just a myth.

or at least the prophecy was bs.

If a generation was 15 years according to The Kolbrin, then there would be a seeming inconsistency within different parts of the text, as Habaris gives the Destroyer’s cycle in years clearly at about 5,400 years. That would either make the prophesy “BS”, or possibly a textual error, or one of the speakers in The Kolbrin to be mistaken.

However, none of this is shown to be the case, as The Kolbrin is neither Greek nor Roman in origin, nor have we established how long that particular writer may have meant by “generation”.

For example, what about the Hebrews? A “Biblical” generation is between 40-70 years.

At that time, Hebrews had a much closer culture and proximity to Egypt than Rome or Greece, whose culture and religion very much came from the Egyptians…

However, if you believe ancient Egyptians called 15 years a generation, I’d be happy to see the proof.