The Exodus Story - Egyptian Version by Yvonne Whiteman

The above titled article, written by Yvonne Whiteman, attempts to collate together all of the historical sources which account for the story of the Biblical Exodus. The most commonly known version of the story is told from the Israelite perspective as recorded in the Bible. However, there are several proven ancient fragments that tell the story from an Egyptian perspective. The Kolbrin also tells the story from an Egyptian perspective, but is much more detailed and complete, rather than fragmentary.

Yvonne lines up all of these ancient sources to compare them with the lines found in the Kolbrin, in the hopes of possibly finding a common source. Whether or not there was such, taken together, these sources provide the most complete and detailed version of the story. This sets the stage for not only better historical research, but can help to clue in modern civilization on lessons we may not have fully understood before.

This is Yvonne’s second article published on Graham Hancock’s website. I think we would all like to thank Yvonne for her hard work and dedication to this difficult research, and would also like to thank Graham Hancock for sharing his rather large platform to get the Kolbrin’s story and message out to the greatest possible number of people.

The world certainly could use a little direction right now, and perhaps a reminder of who we are and where we came from. There are few things that I know of better than the Kolbrin that can provide either.