The Gospel of the Kailedy

It is nearly December, cold for some and warm for others, but for all of us in the English speaking world it is a time to gather with family and friends to renew old ties and pay respect to ones no longer present. The holidays themselves have a deep and ancient spiritual significance, which is why we today we associate the reuniting love of family and celebration with the God of our Hearts. Love, reunion, wisdom, family, turning points (the solstice), the Soulpath, and God… these are the most important things to us as humans, and it is no accident the whole world celebrates these various things together all at the same time.

We currently have a very special treat for you, now becoming a sort of tradition this time of year . In the Spirit of Christmas, we offer to all registered Members of the site the ability to read The Gospel of the Kailedy, free at your leisure, and among your families. The Kailedy is the second part of the Kolbrin, and is the story of Jesus preserved by the Kelts, whose tradition predates the Roman Church.

Enjoy the read, and enjoy your family… and remember, we all have the potential to become a ‘Son of Man’, quite clearly because we are all already sons of men. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution is in order…

(A Culdian Perspective on Worship and Prayer has been taken down for now, but is always available to purchase in the Store.

The Kailedy may be read by clicking on the following link after you have logged into the Website: