The Journey Toward God

So this subject has lurked in the depths of my mind for years. The first time i verbalised it was in a conversation with some over-friendly Mormons on a snowy winters day. To my surprise i found that the oriental Mormon, and his Salt Lake City brother, both agreed with me and left it as a question. It was phrased thus “So what you want to know is how God became God?” Now i refuse to retreat in some pointless who caused the first cause or who created God type argument. Our limited temporal, causal minds have not the capacity to understand or verbalise the nature and history of God. We can however be sure that the essence of our life blood flows from some common source. I have no facts for you or no information. Just the simple statement, the journey toward God. I could elaborate on this relating to evolution or the concept of transcendence and say that the continued development of the world is itself evidence for God. Indeed more than that, it is the markings on the highway that leads us to God. Indeed it is the central line in our highway. However traditional wisdom would tell us that we are already one with God but on many levels we as humans understand some kind of strife and lacking in our present being. Is this indicative of the nature of God? Could you accept that the most high throne is, has been or will be up for grabs? Or alternatively is God for you immutable and if so do you seek to server “God”? The key tone that persisted in my mind (there have been many) is that of fortitude. That as if, so quite elegantly put in the film “Dogma”, you are to hear Gods mind, its voice and behold its countenance then BANG… your head explodes. Finally i will ask, who is going to make it? Will they stand as an individual or at the head of a great army or will one be many, how will they who meet God deal with that? Can you ever ‘meet’ God or as the Krishna’s say is God (or Krishna) ever expanding and will we continue to run eternally after something that left a long time ago? Are you ready to be enveloped and dissolved by the light? And if that writ is that we cannot and should not complete this journey, would you accept that?