The Kolbrin Bible? - plagerism - why is this man selling his version

I noticed on a separate webpage YOWUSA is claiming to sell the Kolbrin Bible - under his own name.

Hi Mark, and welcome to the Forums!

Please be aware that this version of the Kolbrin is plagiarized, and is not authorized by the Culdian Trust in any way.

That being said, you ask in the subject title of the thread, why is YOWUSA doing it. That question can really only be answered fully by them, and we can only speculate. Why does anyone plagiarize, or attempt to misappropriate, deceiving in doing so? Greed, lust for power or recognition in a specialized field are generally the most common motivations.

In the case of the Kolbrin, you have a purportedly ancient book that contains some rather small sections (in relation to the rest of the book) of material relating the events of a ‘Destroyer’ that may have wiped out civilizations and devastated the Earth’s populations. These sections were never a primary focus for the Culdian Trust (nor are they in the Kolbrin itself), but the idea of ancient and future cataclysms is trending as a central point of great interest among many New Age movements. Not just any cataclysms mind you, but those caused by an unseen planet, or similar astral body sometimes called ‘Nibiru’ or ‘Planet X’, whose ideas were first popularized by alternative researcher, Zecharia Sitchin. YOWUSA found their opening to be authorities in this New Age niche by misappropriating the Kolbrin, and claiming that the ‘Destroyer’ of the Kolbrin is an ancient account, and therefore descriptive evidence, of the very same ‘Nibiru’ or ‘Planet X’.

If you go through YOWUSA’s website, you will find endless recycled 2012 end of the world jargon and fear mongering, all while using the Kolbrin, and by proxy, Marshall Masters, as an authoritative base for everything that follows. But the fact that Masters stole the Kolbrin undercuts his authority even more than his fear mongering and playing to his New Age base.

Now, all of that being said, I personally feel he has unintentionally done more good than harm. His marketing of the Kolbrin was better than ours, and has reached a much wider audience than we ever have. Anybody that has found the Kolbrin through his group, and has really read it… well, a number of them have had their lives radically changed for the better by contemplating upon and putting into practice the wisdom contained therein. And those that have wished to go deeper into this type of work, discover in 10 minutes of Google research who actually released the book. These people then find forums like this one, or the main Culdian website, or the Kolbrin Facebook page; finding like minded people to work and grow with, sometimes forming their own local groups. Many of these people would not have found each other or us were it not for the unintentionally helpful deception of YOWUSA.

I hope the above at least partially answers your question. :slight_smile:

Well stated Len.