The Kolbrin... Original Bible?

It is possible that The Kolbrin is the original Bible.
No, it is more that these old scriptures fit together perfectly and are able to explain the complex situation told. We also have to see the Bible in the whole complex of the scriptures containing the apocrphic literature and the pseudo- epigraphic, the Qumram texts, the Nag Hamadi library, Book of Enoch and so on. Then we have to watch carefully with which writers we have to do. For example the writings of Simon Magus are not telling of the One God the Children of Light ( who are also mention in the Keys of Enoch ) refer to. Very interesting to see, how the division of the priesthoods is described in the Kolbrin also, which leads us again to understand things, which are told in the Old Testament of Torah'Or. And yes, i would see the Book of Britain and the Kailedy as Gospels, like we find some alternative Gospels in the Qumram and Nag Hamadi texts or one of James, preserved in Jerusalem. We have to also see that the different Gospels don't have the same spiritual degree. Interesting then to have read the Pistis Sophia, which are the teachings of Jesus to His male and female disciples after His resurrrection.
I can't help but wondering if some of the information contained in the Kolbrin is even older than those mentioned above. Like someone at some time had access to certain scrolls that aren't known in the mainstream. Found this interesting and maybe worth looking into. He's also known as Amen-em-apt Son of Kanekht. Don't know, just one of my most recent little clues. Haven't read much about it yet. Just filed in my things to do list. ;)

I would agree that the Kolbrin deals with events and information older than the texts mentioned above.

However, what connection have you made, Diane, with Amenemopet and the Kolbrin? It seems there is a connection there with the Bible, specifically the Book of Proverbs, but what clues are leading you to the Kolbrin?

I translated the Floodstories and the Exodus first into German, because they explain us the texts in the Bible. Also we have hints to several falls of angels and humanity in the Egypt and Celtic books The Keys of Enoch refer to the "Children of Light". The struggle of the good and bad priesthoods is described also. The situation described in the Kolbrin after the Exodus makes us understand the harsh laws of Moses after the Great Cataclysm. It is as stupid to read the Kolbrin alone as to read the Bible alone, if one wants to find out, what was going on.

Furthermore the “Destroyer” is the star Wormwood mentioned in Revelations.

Hubble telescope, leaked.

The intro to the Kolbrin mentions not dissecting each word but to understand the reading as a whole. It even compares a person studying a single blade of grass and never understanding the purpose of the meadow. In order to understand anything you must step back and take it in as a whole. Starting with reading the intro. "Cover to cover" is always best.

Hi folks,
I agree with you all, one can not, and must not, separate one of these old texts from the others.
Most of what I hold to be truth, I passed thru many of these old texts and stories, myths and legends.
Its like a reverse Prisim of the mind, where many different colours or ideas, or theories, are blended together, within the prisim of the mind, and become one beem of white truth, or clear knowledge.
Maybe not a great analogy, but I think those of you who know, will get what I mean.
Love, and light to all.