The Leylines of Life

We are sharing something a little different with you this month. Most of our public Teachings have practical, down to Earth language which can be put into practice by anyone with the inclination and will to put them into effect. The Leylines of Life, this month’s free booklet, contains knowledge and information that is not widely known or utilized. It is an introduction into the metaphysical nature of leylines, biophysical energy, and celestial energy and how these processes correspond with our life on this planet. As you will see, this has far reaching implications to every aspect of life on Earth. This is not meant to be a full treatment on the subject, but merely a primer, an introduction for a specific type of person that is able and ready to work with some of these energies among a larger Network of people in the Service of Good.

From the Foreword of The Leylines of Life:

"The Trustees (of the Culdian Trust) are particularly concerned about the deteriorating world situation, about chemical contamination of the soil and general planetary pollution. However, they see hope for humankind in the gathering forces of spiritual energies and this publication shows that we are already locked in the final battle of this age for the spirits of men and women. We live in the dying days of one age and approach the dawn of another. This book clarifies the issues being determined.

The Trustees also wish to promote the concept of a beneficial leyline complex which, when the associated ancient lore is resurrected, can play a significant part in humankind’s future. Although our present knowledge is meager, nevertheless it is sufficient to indicate how the leylines operated in megalithic times, when humans were much more intimately related to their environment, and their lives in the whole of Nature and creation were closely interlocked into one great coherent and cooperating whole. It is hoped that some who read this will experience a stirring of ancient recollections, a feeling of affinity with what is being said, and awakening of far memory. This has happened and therefore can happen again, and when it does it should not be ignored or suppressed. It is intended to be a call to action, and inducement to do something to help reactivate the old power structure and reproduce the energy fields of the past.

There is no value here for people who are content to remain part of the apathetic mass of humankind. It is for those with vision and ideals, with capacity for inspiration, who are concerned for the well-being and future of our planetary home, those who believe in the validity of romantic love and the inherent goodness of the human individual; who have faith in their fellow beings and in the destiny of mankind. It is for those who intuitively realize that they are here on Earth for a purpose, who seek clarification of that purpose and aspire to its fulfillment.

In other words, this publication is not for the average person."

It is highly recommended that if you feel personally called to partake in the Work that this Booklet discusses, that you connect locally to groups in your area with similar concern and understanding, or that you network with others on and through the Culdian Forums.

The Leylines of Life is offered free for all logged in members of the Website. The booklets Reincarnation and Keltic Meditation have been taken down for the time being.

This is an excellent read and a great place to start anyone’s search for leys, energy grids, and so forth. Venturing from here into the Unified Field concepts is, in my view, made a little more easier knowing the information in this booklet.

Try as I might, I don’t seem able to find this article when I log in. Where do I find it exactly, under which category ?
help appreciated.

Hi Sha’ul, you can access the booklet by clicking on the link above, in the original notification.

Or, sign in on the main website, look under the Teachings tab, and click Introduction to Practical Metaphysical Application. You will find Leylines of Life in that section.

Or, just click this link after logging in:

Thanks Len

My pleasure, Sha’ul. Great to see you around again. Don’t be a stranger… :slight_smile:

Hello Admin,
I wish to express my happiness that a rear collection of ancient knowledge such as these are made available to mankind at such a decisive time.It sure will illuminate the path of many a seeker towards spiritual purification and liberation.

Sadly for me I am unable to access any of the books, even after login. Please help.

With warm regards
Onu Amodu

Thank you for your kind words, and welcome, Amodu!

Please understand that logging into the forum does not log you in to the main site where the Teachings are posted, and not all of them are made public at once.

Go to the main site,, and click the login tab on the top right of the page. Then after you log in, click the “Teachings” tab, which is This page will show you what Teachings we have to share for the current month for free (the others will be available on a rotating basis). Hope that helps!